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News Links: March 20th, 2009


- Gillian Chung Yan-Tung continued her comeback this week with promotional events in Taiwan and Beijing.

- A report in today’s edition of Guangzhou Daily claimed that a Mainland car company has canceled a promotional event in Chengdu which was supposed to feature an appearance by Chung.   According to the article, reaction to Chung’s “Be Tough” ad campaign has not been favourable so she is no longer wanted as a pitchperson.  However, a spokesperson for the car company told Guangzhou Daily that the event was canceled because their new car line is not ready to be introduced.

- Reports also surfaced this week that Ah Gil is being offered a role in a Mainland television series based on the Jackie Chan movie THE MYTH.

- Finally, let the derisive jokes begin, there were reports that EEG is preparing a Hong Kong movie version of SEX AND THE CITY starring EEG properties Joey Yung Tso-Yi, Yumiko Cheng Hei-Yi, Charlene Choi Cheuk-Yin and … {drum roll} … Gillian Chung Yan-Tung.  As my SEX AND THE CITY viewing was limited to only the opening credits, I don’t know enough about it to make jokes but — based on discussion board reaction to this news — I know enough about the HK entertainment circle to know that this project may do more harm than good to Gillian Chung’s career.


Peter Chan Ho-Sun: Star-Studded ‘Dark October’


Taipei Times Pop Stop: Edison Chen, Taiwanese entertainment circle news

Rain ordered to pay concert promoter US$8m in damages

Yao Ming, Zhang Ziyi top Forbes Chinese celebs list: Channel News Asia article article #2

Nine hottest Chinese women, courtesy of Complex magazine

“Red River” Takes Transnational Love Story to Screen

Mainland Actors to Be Allowed in in Taiwan TV Series

Zhang Yimou Launches Live Show on Tropical Island


Variety reviews THE UNDERDOG KNIGHT (Liu Ye, Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Ellen Chan)

DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION: Evolution is no solution, What happen, Chow?


Joey Yung: ‘You’re not pretty enough’

Michelle Yeoh: Wall Street Journal Interview Excerpts

Zhang Yimou: Famous Chinese Film Director Says He’s an Artist, Not a Politician


On the set with Yvonne Yung Hung: After giving birth to a child in 2007, Yvonne Yung Hung makes a comeback with a role in the Mainland television series 孫子大傳 (trans. THE GRAND LEGEND OF SUN TZU).  Although she believes that being a mother is still her primary job, Yung feels that the baby is old enough now for her to take some work outside of the home.  Zhang Fengyi (Cao Cao in RED CLIFF) stars in the series as Sun Tzu.

Charlene Choi Cheuk-Yin: Sunny Charlene

Shu Qi the Spokes-Beauty


Jang Ja Yung suicide: Korean actress Jang Ja Yun found dead in home, Letter claims late actress was forced to have sex, Calls Growing for Overhaul of Showbiz ‘Slave Contracts

Korean entertainment falls outside of the purview of this blog but if this kind of thing happens in the South Korean entertainment circle — often considered more “pure and innocent” than other Asian entertainment industries — then you have to wonder what kind of shenanigans go on in Hong Kong.

2 Responses to “News Links: March 20th, 2009”

  1. phatyou Says:

    the ‘dark october’ sounds like ‘the mission’, but instead of protecting ko hung, the gangster, they are protecting sun yat-sen, the revolutionist. I hope that anthony wong gets to play ‘ghost’ and simon yam gets to play sun yat-sen’s younger brother in this movie also… it’s always great on paper to have an all-star cast for a movie, but is there enough screen time to go around for leon lai, donnie yen, aaron kwok, nic tse, etc to share? the great thing about ‘the mission’ was that francis ng, anthony wong, roy cheung, lam suet, etc, were all great character actors and did not require to be in the forefront all the time to satisfy them. well, I guess we’ll see if more is better…

    as for the korean actress suicide, I remember reading grady hendrix’s kaiju shakedown and every couple of months there was news of a suicide in the korean entertainment circle, and grady was saying that it is turning into a disturbing trend. I think hk’s entertainment business is not as shady as it once was in the 80’s and 90’s, I think the korean entertainment business is currently more sinister than hk’s but they keep it hidden better…

  2. Audrey Says:

    Sex and the City with Joey, Yumiko, Charlene and Gillian will be a disaster because that cast is four Charlottes. The easy thing would be to cast Gillian as Samantha because of the scandal but Gillian doesn’t have the personality to play Samantha. I could see Joey as Carrie and I think Charlene would be the best Charlotte. But it’ll be a disaster.

    Maybe Yumiko could be Samantha since she’s exposed herslef so many times already … Copyright © 2002-2021 Ross Chen