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Box Office Report: Cinco de Mayo 2009

A quick National Day long weekend box office report before I compile a news links post …

Facing tough competition, Wong Jing’s I CORRUPT ALL COPS made HK$2.43 million over the National Day holiday weekend finishing fourth behind Hollywood releases X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, 17 AGAIN and CORALINE.  The respectable HK$2.43 million take compares to the openings of films like THE DETECTIVE (HK$2.48 million) and PAPA LOVES YOU (HK$2.40 million).

In other HK movie box office news, SHINJUKU INCIDENT has been reduced to twelve screens and is currently sitting at a total take of HK$13.94 million.  Meanwhile, SNIPER is down to one screen and will likely not move much more beyond its current HK$6.24 million total.   Playing on three screens, PERMANENT RESIDENCE has made HK$310,000 in nine days.

The numbers (as of May 3rd, 2009):

1. X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE (USA), HK$8.56 million, 5 days, HK$8.56 million total

2. 17 AGAIN (USA), HK$3.20 million, 4 days, HK$3.20 million total

3. CORALINE (USA), HK$2.75 million, 4 days, HK$2.75 million total

4. I CORRUPT ALL COPS (HK), HK$2.43 million, 4 days, HK$2.43 million total

5. THE HANDSOME SUIT (JAPAN), HK$2.02 million, 4 days, HK$2.02 million total

Back shortly with a news links post …

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