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Kwan Tak-Hing
(actor, old school Wong Fei-Hong)
Kwan Tak-Hing in The Magnificent Butcher (1978)  
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
The Guangzhou Adventure of the Fearless (1947)
One-Eye Dragon Strange Hero (1947)
Bloody Cloth (1948)
Fishing Village in the War (1948)
A Sword to Save a Country (1949)
A Woman's Heart is Never Mended (1949)
The Lady Protector and the Knight with the Whip (1949)
Story of Huang Feihong (Part 1) (1949)
Story of Huang Feihong (Part 2) (1949)
Xue Rengui's Bloody Battle at Liu Village (1950)
The Story of Huang Feihung Part 3: Battle by Liuhua Bridge (1950)
The Story of Huang Feihong Part 4: Death of Liang Huan (1950)
Story of Huang Feihong (Part 5) (1951)
The Silver World of Stardom (1951)
The Five Heroes' Deadly Spears (1951)
The Brave Archer (1951)
Soul of the Tiger (1952)
How Huang Feihong Defeated 3 Bullies with a Single Rod (1953)
Brother in Bloodshed (1954)
Huang Feihong Tries His Shadowless Kick (1954)
Story of Huang Feihong and Lin Shirong (1954)
The Boxer of Nanhai (1954)
The True Story of Huang Feihong (1955)
The Story of Huang Feihong (2nd Sequel) (1955)
Story of Iron Monkey (Grand Finale) (1955)
Huang Feihong's Rival for the Fireworks (1955)
Huang Feihong's Victory at Fourth Gate (1955)
How Huang Feihong Vanquished the Bully on Long Dike (1955)
Huang Feihong at a Boxing Match (1956)
Huang Feihong's Fight in Foshan (1956)
How Huang Feihong Set Fire to Dashatou (1956)
Huang Feihong and the Courtesan's Boat Argument (1956)
Huang Feihong's Battle at Shuangmendi (1956)
Huang Feihong and the Lantern Festival Disturbance (1956)
How Huang Feihong Pitted 7 Lions against the Dragon (1956)
How Huang Feihong Fought 5 Dragons Single-handed (1956)
How Huang Feihong Thrice Tricked the Girl Bodyguard (1956)
How Huang Feihong Saved the Dragon's Mother's Temple (1956)
Huang Feihong's 7 Battles with the Fiery Unicorn (1956)
How Huang Feihong Vanquished the 12 Tigers (1956)
How Huang Feihong Conquered the Two Tigers (1956)
How Huang Feihong Pitted a Lion against the Unicorn (1956)
Huang Feihong's Story: Iron Cock against Centpede (1956)
Huang Feihong Wins the Dragon Boat Race (1956)
How Huang Feihong Thrice Captured Su Shulian in the Water (1956)
How Huang Feihong Vanquished the Terrible Hound at Shamian (1956)
Huang Feihong's Victory at Xiaobeijiang (1956)
How Huang Feihong Vanquished the Bully at the Red Opera Float (1956)
The Princess is Kidnapped (1956)
Heroine of Deadly Darts (1956)
Huang Feihong Rescues the Fishmonger (1956)
Huang Feihong's Battle at Mountain Goddess of Mercy (1956)
Huang Feihong Attends the Joss-Stick Festival at Heavenly Goddess' Temple (1956)
Wu Song's Bloody Fight on Lion's Bower (1956)
Huang Feihong Goes to a Birthday Party at Guanshan (1956)
How Huang Feihong Saved the Lovelorn Monk from the Ancient Monastery (1956)
The Life of Zuo Song (1956)
Chang E's Flight to the Moon (1956)
The White Crane Heroes (1956)
General Kwan Seduced by Diaochan Under Moonlight (1956)
Ne-Zha's Adventures in the East Sea (1957)
Devil's Sword (1957)
Huang Feihong's Fight at Henan (1957)
Huang Feihong's Three Battles with the Unruly Girl (1957)
How Huang Feihong Spied on Black Dragon Hill at Night (1957)
How the Boxer from Nanhai Stole the Dappled Horse at Night (1957)
Huang Feihong's Battle with the Lion King (1957)
Huang Feihong and the Battle of Saddle Hill (1957)
The War between Chu and Han (1957)
How Huang Feihong Smashed the Flying Dagger Gang (1957)
The Flag Which Conquered 7 Provinces (1957)
How Huang Feihong Fought a Bloody Battle in the Spinster's Home (1957)
World of Fist (1957)
Knife in Fish-gut (1957)
Huang Feihu's Rebellion (1957)
Ne Zha's Adventures in the Heavenly Palace (1957)
Fifteen Strings of Coins (1957)
General Guan Escorts His Brother's Wife on a 1,000 Mile Journey (1957)
Huang Feihong's Rival for a Pearl (1957)
Huang Feihong's Story: Five Devils against Two Dragons (1958)
Huang Feihu's Rebellion (2nd sequel) (1958)
Lest We Forget (1958)
Fan Lihua Bears a Son in the Golden-Light Militia (1958)
How Xue Gang Smashed the Temple (1958)
Huang Feihong's Fierce Battle (1958)
How Huang Feihong Erases the Golden Bell Trap (1958)
Huanf Feihong Seizes the Bride at Xiguan (1958)
How Huang Feihong Stormed Phoenix Hill (1958)
Massacre of the Innocents (1958)
Huang Feihong's Battle with the Bullies in the Boxing Ring (1958)
Huang Feihong's Victory at Ma Village (1958)
Huang Feihong Gets Rid of the Three Rascals (1958)
How Huang Feihong Used an Iron-Fowl Against the Eagle (1958)
Huang Feihohng Saves the Kidnapped Liang Kuan (1958)
The Flying Prince (1958)
Three Attempts to Steal the Cup of the Nine Dragons (1959)
The Rascal He on Fire (1959)
Huang Feihong on Rainbow Bridge (1959)
Shattering the Copper Net Array (1959)
Seven Heroes Spy on Chongxiao Bower (1959)
King Kong's Adventures in the Heavely Palace (1959)
How Wen Tianxiang Thrice Tricked Grand Sire Wen (1959)
White Lady's Reincarnation (1959)
Huang Feihong Trapped in the Hell (1959)
How Huang Feihong Defeated the Tiger on the Opera Stage (1959)
Huang Feihong's Combat in the Boxing Ring (1960)
How Na Zha Rescued His Mother from the Snake Mountain (1960)
Huang Feihong's Battle with the Gorilla (1960)
The Strange Hero Conquered the Dragon (1960)
Two Orphans Conquered the Dragon at Tianshan (1960)
Tao Lung Fighting against Fin Kum Kong (1960)
How Huang Feihong Smashed the Five Tigers (1961)
The Invincible Iron Fan (1961)
Killing of the Villains (1961)
Huang Feihong Meeting the Heroes with the Tiger Paw (1967)[also writer]
Huang Feihong: The Incredible Success in Canton (1968)
Huang Feihong: The Invincible 'Lion Dancer' (1968)
Huang Feihong: The Eight Bandits (1968)
The Magic Whip (1968)
Huang Feihong: The Duel Against the Black Rascal (1968)
Huang Feihong: Duel for the Championship (1968)
Huang Feihong: The Duel for the 'Sha-yu-qing' (1969)
Huang Feihong: The Conqueror of the 'Sam-hong Gang' (1969)
Huang Feihong's Combat with the Five Wolves (1969)
Huang Feihong in Sulphur Valley (1969)
Huang Fei Hong: Bravely Crushing the Fire Formation (1970)
The Skyhawk (1974)
The Magnificent Butcher (1979)
The Magnificent Kick (1980)
Dreadnaught (1981)
Aces Go Places 4 (1986)
The Family Strikes Back (1986)
It's a Wonderful Life (1994)
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