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Wong Kar-Wai
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- director - writer - producer - renowned auteur -
selected filmography
Once Upon a Rainbow (1982)[writer]
Just for Fun (1983)[writer]
Silent Romance (1984)[writer][actor]
Chase a Fortune (1984)[writer]
The Intellectual Trio (1985)[writer]
Unforgettable Fantasy (1985)[writer]
Sweet Surrender (1986)[writer]
Rosa (1986)[writer]
Goodbye My Hero (1986)[writer]
Final Victory (1987)[writer]
Flaming Brothers (1987)[writer]
The Haunted Cop Shop (1987)[writer]
Chaos by Design (1988)[actor]
As Tears Go By (1988)[director][writer]
Walk on Fire (1988)[writer]
Return Engagement (1990)[writer]
Days of Being Wild (1990)[director][writer][producer]
Saviour of the Soul (1991)[story]
The Eagle Shooting Heroes (1993)[producer]
Ashes of Time (1994)[director][writer][producer]
Chungking Express (1994)[director][writer][producer]
Fallen Angels (1995)[director][writer][producer]
Happy Together (1997)[director][writer][producer]
First Love - Litter on the Breeze (1997)[producer]
In the Mood for Love (2000)[director][writer][producer]
Chinese Odyssey 2002 (2002)[producer]
2046 (2004)[director][writer][producer]
Eros (2004)(segment: "The Hand")[director][writer][producer]
My Blueberry Nights (2007)[director][writer][producer]
Ashes of Time Redux (2008)[director][writer][producer]
The Grandmaster (2013)[director][writer][producer]
See You Tomorrow (2016)[writer][producer]
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