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The Inspector Wear Skirts 
Chinese: 霸王花
Sibelle Hu
Year: 1988
Director: Wellson Chin Sing-Wai
Producer: Jackie Chan
Cast: Sibelle Hu (Wu Wai-Jung), Cynthia Rothrock, Kara Hui Ying-Hung, Ellen Chan Ar-Lun, Ann Bridgewater (Park On-Ney), Sandra Ng Kwun-Yu, Regina Kent (Kan Wai-Ling), Stanley Fung Shui-Fan, Alex To Tak-Wai, Mars, Jeff Falcon, Billy Lau Nam-Kwong, Shing Fui-On, Bill Tung Biu, Ricky Hui Koon-Ying, Michael Chow Man-Kin, Dennis Chan Kwok-San
The Skinny: It's Police Academy with girls! Wacky HK action-comedy succeeds with good action and babes-a-plenty. Don't expect art, though.
by Kozo:

The ultimate fighting chick comedy comes from the future auteur of the “date” horror movies, Wellson Chin. Sibelle Hu stars as Miss Wu, a tough HK cop who saves a bunch of international dignitaries with the help of a kick-ass gweilo cop (Cynthia Rothrock). Thanks to their fine moves, the higher-ups decide to create a Female Commando squad headed by Miss Wu. What this means is a bevy of babes and ballbusters congregate at Female Commando training camp, where they learn the art of opening cans of whup-ass.

The women consist of a few familiar pretty faces: Ellen Chan, Ann Bridgewater, and Regina Kent. To up the kick-ass quotient, action star Kara Hui is along for the ride. Finally, Sandra Ng brings up the rear with her wacky comedy stylings. Yes, the women train and grow together, learning teamwork and little facts of life—such as that all men are scum. The local SDU squad makes it their business to harass the Female Commandos at every turn. The SDU are basically a smarmy bunch, but young Alex To really has a thing for Ellen Chan despite his tough, cocky exterior. Meanwhile, two of the squad members discover that they’re dating the same man (played by a scummy Michael Chow). Finally Sandra Ng must come to terms with her round figure and [relative] lack of physical appeal. Oh yes, and there’s action too.

What you have here is Police Academy with more violent moments, though they’re all welcome. In between it’s shtick central, especially with nutty set pieces like the roller rink date, featuring Alex To dancing and singing like Elvis with the rest of the SDU for back-up vocals. Sigh. So it isn’t art and you’ll probably freak from all the cheesy crap that’s going on. Despite that, Sibelle Hu turns in good presence and whatever fighting occurs should satiate the genre fans. Just try to forget about the wacky stuff. (Kozo 1998)

Availability: DVD (Hong Kong)
Region 0 NTSC
Joy Sales
16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Cantonese and Mandarin Language Tracks
Dolby Digital 5.1
Removable English and Chinese Subtitles
*Also Available on Blu-ray Disc
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image courtesy of Universe Laser & Video Co., Ltd. Copyright ©2002-2017 Ross Chen