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Remember M, Remember E
Year: 1995
Director: "Charlie"
Producer: Charine Chan Ka-Ling
Writer: Alex To Tak-Wai
Cast: Athena Chu Yun, Nicky Wu, Chu Kin-Kwan, Lau Shun, Elaine Ng Yi-Lei
The Skinny: Decently charming coming-of-age drama that's hampered by a self-indulgent script and questionable pathos.
by Kozo:
     Remember M, Remember E is a reasonably well-directed charmer about three good friends and the individual paths and hardships that lead their lives full circle. Adorable Athena Chu is Ching, who longs to be an international model and lies to her mother about that fact. Chu Kin-Kwan is Chu, a filial but harried kid who has bad future prospects, a mother who still spanks him, a father (Lau Shun) who [unsuccessfully] practices telekinesis, and three incredibly ugly sisters. Nicky Wu is Ricky, rich boy from Taiwan whose dad is a huge tyrant. 
     The whole story is set in motion by a financially successful Chu, who’s offering tons of money for a single 1000 dollar note, autographed years ago by Ricky. He’s now the successful head of some company, but how did he get there? It’s flashback time, and all the little holes about Ricky and Ching are filled in, finally providing us with an answer to how and why Chu got to where he is in life, and the answer to what the heck happened between the three friends that leaves him in so weird a state that he’d actually offer tons of bucks for an old $1000 note. 
     As the friends, the three leads are all decent, and the subject matter sure tugs at the old nostalgia nerve. That aside, the film is heavily self-indulgent, and by the film’s end, the point is lost in too many flashbacks and that old question: why? The leads are certainly pretty, but Chu Kin-Kwan is the star and the least pretty of the three. “Charlie” did an okay job as director, but who is this “Charlie” character anyway?  I hope this isn’t the HK version of Allen Smithee. (
Kozo 1996)
Availability: DVD (Hong Kong)
Region 0 NTSC
Ocean Shores Home Video
Cantonese and Mandarin language tracks
English and Chinese subtitles
image courtesy of Ocean Shores Copyright ©2002-2017 Ross Chen