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The Six Devil Women
Year: 1996
Director: Ma Tin-Yu
Cast: Pang Dan, Danny Wong Shu-Kei, Leung Yuen-Man, Chung Sau-Han, Yeung Law-Ching, Lok Yung-Yung, Lee Suet-Man, Ho Ka-Kui
The Skinny: Further reason to avoid Category III films. Pang Dan: big breasts, bad movies.
by Kozo:
     Category III thriller about a vicious crime gang composed of ten guys and six women (The Devil Women, obviously) who hail from the Mainland. What happens is the women seduce men and the guys kill them and take their personal belongings. Eventually, the cops catch the evildoers, but during the trial we learn of the exact goings on in the gang, which are portrayed in sickeningly graphic fashion.
     Watching this film for entertainment is like self-administering shock treatments; you willingly torture yourself for some unfathomable purpose. While the "true crime" aspect of the film seems compelling, the overall execution of the film is just plain bad. The Six Devil Women is trashy exploitation, but without any qualities that make it interesting or even compelling. Sure, the crimes are a result of the pressures of modern society, but do we have to watch them in such graphically sleazy fashion? Not that Hong Kong Cinema could ever create a gripping exploration of such a dark and supposedly real subject. Still, they did it with The Untold Story. Why not here? (Kozo 1996)
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