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Last Site Update: February 20th, 2011

Site Review Count: 1982

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Louis Koo, Daniel Wu
and Gao Yuanyuan in
Johnnie To and Wai Ka-Fai's

Johnnie To To and Wai Ka-Fai attempt to enter the mainland market with Don't Go Breaking My Heart, a romantic comedy starring Hong Kong's Louis Koo and Daniel Wu and China's Gao Yuanyuan, among other, lesser stars. This is only To and Wai's first mainland strike, with a Louis Koo and Sammi Cheng romcom currently shooting and a possible Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng romcom in the works. One day To will return to his crime film roots and the film geek websites will probably light up like a Christmas tree. We're only in it for good movies, so if three or four romcoms is what it takes, we'll be glad to see them. Anyway, we'll always have Election.

Don't Go Breaking My Heart opens on March 31st.

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Slowdown Approaching
Posted 02-20-11

Yay, we finally updated LoveHKFilm.com! With 11 reviews! We know it's not a big deal to you, but it's one to us. Please don't rain on our parade.

Sadly, we probably can't update much in the immediate future, since we're entering the busiest time of the year. Besides attending the upcoming Hong Kong International Film Festival, the people behind this site have to work for the Asian Film Awards, the Udine Far East Film Festival, the LoveHKFilm Awards and also that daytime YesAsia.com job. If you see us at all in March, it'll be a miracle.

LoveHKFilm.com is now 9 years old, which is a full 63 in dog years. Back in the beginning, we updated 3 times a week but this year, we'll be fortunate if we can update once per month. Consider it diminishing returns. Was 24 as good in its final seasons as it was in those first 3 or 4? Likely not. Anyway, we're happy to still be alive as an embarrassingly low-tech HTML site in this brave new Web 2.0 world. Thanks for visiting, as always.

Next time: as usual, we hope there will be a next time.

News, Notes and Nonsense

Updated February 20th, 2011

Previous Updates archived at MySpace

Planet Hong Kong 2.0
Posted 02-20-11

A quick plug for something you'll see over on the left hand border of the page: the updated 2.0 edition of David Bordwell's Planet Hong Kong, available now in a downloadable PDF. The original 2000 edition of Planet Hong Kong went out of press some years back, which is a shame as it contained the best and most comprehensive case for Hong Kong Cinema as a popular art form that you'll find in print. It would be an understatement to call the book an indispensible resource for the Hong Kong Cinema fan.

Professor Bordwell has updated his 2.0 edition with edits and corrections, plus some new sections covering the last decade of Hong Kong Cinema. Please click on through to read about Planet Hong Kong 2.0, available for download for US$15, or check out Professor Bordwell's many other articles covering cinema from Hong Kong and beyond.

Note: all links to Professor Bordwell's Planet Hong Kong 2.0 on LoveHKFilm.com are testimonials and not advertisements. Proceeds from the book benefit those who worked on it.

30th Hong Kong Film Award
Nominations Announced
Posted 02-08-11

The Nominations for the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards were just announced, and as always they're a fistful of entertainment. It's apparently the year of the action movie because all the Best Picture nominees have hitting, shooting or both. Up for Best Picture: Gallants, Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame, Ip Man 2, The Stool Pigeon, and Reign of Assassins. Not a terrible movie in the bunch, though there's plenty to laugh at in a few of them. Go ahead and figure out which.

Results will show up towards the end of April, right before the 13th Udine Far East Film Festival, which just debuted its new festival trailer right here. The trailer was directed by Clement Cheng and features Teddy Robin, and both are up for Hong Kong Film Awards this year!
Both are also likely to be somewhere in the running for the 16th LoveHKFilm Awards, which will hopefully be announced sometime in March. Hard to tell, what with how lazy we are over here.

Next time: film reviews, if we feel like it.

  Previous Updates

NEW for February 18th, 2011
- Added Kozo's reviews of All's Well Ends Well 2011 (2011), Shaolin (2011), I Love Hong Kong (2011) and Don Quixote (2010).
- Added Kevin Ma's reviews of What Women Want (2011) and Confessions (Japan, 2010).
- Added Calvin McMillin's reviews of GANTZ (Japan, 2011), House (Japan, 1977), Raging Phoenix (Thailand, 2009), The Karate Kid (USA, 2010) and The Five Venoms (1978).

NEW for February 8th, 2011
- The nominations for the 30th Hong Kong Film Awards were announced.

NEW for January 18th, 2011
- Added Kozo's reviews of Lover's Discourse (2010), If You Are The One II (China, 2010), Marriage With a Liar (2010) and Reign of Assassins (2010).
- Added Kevin Ma's review of The Road Less Traveled (2010).
- Added Calvin McMillin's reviews of The Green Hornet (USA, 2011), Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (1974) and White on Rice (USA, 2009).
- The winners of the 17th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards were announced.

Featured Review

Alls Well Ends Well 2011
Donnie and Louis

All's Well Ends Well 2011
What’s Lunar New Year without one of producer Raymond Wong Bak-Ming’s All’s Well Ends Well movies? Who really knows? Every January or February, if there isn’t an All’s Well Ends Well movie jammed into the local cinema, you only have to flip cable channels until you run into the 1992 original, which gets so much play every year that it borders on tiresome. Basically, if it’s Lunar New Year, there has to be an All’s Well Ends Well movie playing somewhere. This axiom is, of course, only applicable to Hong Kong, which is fine because these films are meant for Hong Kong audiences. Local pop culture, local stars, local laughs – the All’s Well Ends Well films are all about those. If you’re a Milkyway fanboy, now’s the time to turn around. (more)


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Please tell me too
What Women Want
China seems to be an ideal place to set a remake of the Hollywood romantic comedy What Women Want. (more)
Good guys are bald
Like its predecessors, Chang Cheh's 1976 classic The Shaolin Temple and the same-titled 1982 Jet Li vehicle, Shaolin takes the fact-based destruction of the Shaolin Temple... (more)
That's the place for you
I Love Hong Kong
Eric Tsang and TVB join forces once again for their 2011 Lunar New Year special, I Love Hong Kong. (more)
Patrick Kong meets good filmmaking
Lover's Discourse
Four-story drama Lover's Discourse treads familiar ground, and features a diverse Chinese cast playing individuals afflicted, troubled or perhaps obsessed by love. (more)
We've been down this road before
The Road Less Traveled
Derek Yee steps back to take the role of producer for Derek Chiu’s The Road Less Traveled, a thematic continuation of sorts from Lost in Time... (more)

That's "Five Deadly Venoms" to you

The Five Venoms
While the Shaw Brothers catalogue contains a plethora of acclaimed martial arts films, only a select few earned a devout following upon their release in the West. (more)
Patrick Kong returns. Joy.
Marriage With a Liar
Set your cinema quality alert to orange. Not only is Marriage with a Liar directed by Hong Kong’s highest profile purveyor of quality-impaired cinema, Patrick Kong... (more)
Not really a John Woo film
Reign of Assassins
The swordplay film gets a satisfying update with Reign of Assassins, an entertaining genre flick from writer-director Su Chao-Bin... (more)
Do what the big black ball says
From director Shinsuke Sato comes Gantz, the first of two live-action film adaptations of Hiroya Oku’s popular manga, which takes a familiar sci-fi premise... (more)
This is my revenge
Commercial director Tetsuya Nakashima’s film career truly took off with Kamikaze Girls and Memories of Matsuko, two potentially dreary art films that he made accessible... (more)
Windmills, ho!
Don Quixote
The concept was inspired, but the actual movie? Less so. 2010 Filmko Pictures release Don Quixote... (more)
Teach me, Jackie!
The Karate Kid
Seemingly more common than sequels or prequels these days, the remake seems to be the vehicle du jour for studios... (more)
Just plain rage
Raging Phoenix
For Western audiences, part of the allure of 80s and 90s Hong Kong action cinema was the belief that even the big name actors did all their own stunts. (more)
It's a spooky pandemonium
It’s a good thing LoveHKFilm.com never implemented a ratings system because I don’t know how I could even begin to rate House, a cult classic from Japan... (more)
You mean he still doesn't know?
If You Are The One II
You asked for a sequel to Feng Xiaogang’s 2008 romance If You Are The One, right? The likelihood is that you didn't, but that's too bad because they made one anyway. (more)
It's a gas gun

The Green Hornet

It’s no secret that the latest adaptation of The Green Hornet had a troubled production history. Not only did the character rights jump from studio to studio... (more)

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