Meet the Candidates for Vice President
Ekin in 2004 presents an indepth look at the candidates for Ekin Cheng's vice president,
and the plusses and minuses of their possible election to office.

  Candidate: Jordan Chan
Credits: Has a long personal history with the presidential candidate. Tough. Won't take crap from anyone else, but will gladly be number two to Ekin.
Debits: A little fruity. Could be dating trouble (AKA: Cecilia Cheung). No longer a reliable box office force.
Expert Analysis: Lock this guy up! His experience as Chicken to Ekin's Chan Ho-Nam makes him an A+ candidate.

  Candidate: Edison Chen
Credits: Popular with the younger crowd. Cute. Knows the right lingo to communicate with the peeps.
Debits: Nine Girls and a Ghost. Questionably talented or skilled at anything. Raps like a ninth grader in detention. Canadian.
Expert Analysis: Good for the younger demographic, but he makes Dan Quayle look like a political genius. Ekin would probably kick his ass.

  Candidate: Cheung Tat-Ming
Credits: A funny guy, and is comfortable with a supporting role. Was in many good films, though he was never the star.
Debits: Not the prettiest guy on the block. Sometimes really annoying. His career is a mystery most experts cannot properly explain. Cop Shop Babes.
Expert Analysis: Not a great idea. While he would gladly play second fiddle, he won't bring the female vote.

  Candidate: Nick Cheung
Credits: An underrated dramatic actor. Was almost the best thing about The Duel. Looks like Jacky Cheung.
Debits: Has worked too much with Wong Jing. Can be annoying as all hell. The Tricky Master. Looks like Jacky Cheung.
Expert Analysis: An ideal number three or four choice if you can't get Jordan. However, his film choices lead us to believe that he would be easy prey for the PACs.

  Candidate: William Hung
Credits: "American Idol". A massive hit on the Internet. Confident and thick-skinned. Doesn't back down from a challenge. Simon Cowell could not make him cry.
Debits: Completely untalented. Not the brightest bulb around, and frequently finds himself outclassed and outmatched.
Expert Analysis: Will never happen. How did he even get this far, anyway? It's a miracle that the party didn't cut him sooner.

  Candidate: Louis Koo
Credits: Women would die simply for the chance to vote for him. Worked with Ekin in For Bad Boys Only.
Debits: For Bad Boys Only. Ladykiller looks are a tabloid nightmare in the making. The perma-tan makes him look "shifty". It also scares kids.
Expert Analysis: An Ekin-Louis ticket is the ultimate photo opportunity, but will he play second fiddle to Ekin again?

  Candidate: Lam Suet
Credits: A good guy. Experience as both a crew member and an actor shows that he's multitalented. Knows Johnnie To.
Debits: America hates that mole on his cheek. Appeared naked in Where a Good Man Goes. Zero presence with the female vote. Was in U-Man.
Expert Analysis: Blue-collar work ethic makes him popular with the people. Not a bad choice, but far from a sexy one.

  Candidate: McDull
Credits: Cute and cuddly. Loves his Mom. If he fails as VP, you could always serve up some bacon or sausage.
Debits: The slowest among all the candidates. McMug steals his thunder on a daily basis. Those bun-snatching skills will get him nowhere on the campaign trail.
Expert Analysis: Would get the tykes to vote, but it should be noted that tykes DON'T vote.

  Candidate: Ng Man-Tat
Credits: Has been the ideal sidekick in many great movies. Can be tough or silly. Probably a great uncle.
Debits: More than a little fruity. Without Stephen Chow, it's questionable if he can accomplish anything. Has exposed his navel in the past to distastrous results.
Expert Analysis: A good sidekick, but only if Stephen Chow is in the driver's seat. Might be dead weight for Ekin.

  Candidate: Shing Fui-On
Credits: Versatile guy. Can be funny or tough. Will back the President in the media by barking loudly and sneering. Has had political experience on a local level.
Debits: Looking for payback after Ekin hit him with a chair in Young and Dangerous. Not very photogenic. Frightens children. Would probably kick Ekin's ass.
Expert Analysis: We like him, but common sense says no.

  Candidate: Tin Kai-Man
Credits: Has operated both in front of and behind the scenes. Is a good supporting guy. Willing to take shots for the good of the president. Knows Stephen Chow.
Debits: No name recognition. His roles are usually small; he could freeze up under a bigger spotlight. Looks dopey.
Expert Analysis: A small potato. Probably more suited for a cabinet position than VP.

  Candidate: Chapman To
Credits: Exceptionally high visibility. Was in the Infernal Affairs movies. Well-liked and even respected.
Debits: Has appeared in lots of crap. Overexposed and possibly overextended. Does he have the time to be Vice President of the free world?
Expert Analysis: A trendy choice, but will he be too exhausted from making 40 movies a year to fulfill his duties as VP?

  Candidate: Nicholas Tse
Credits: Ballsy and tough. Won't back down from anyone. Has supported Ekin in A Man Called Hero. As pretty as a girl.
Debits: Cops too much attitude. Over-sensitive. Too much of a player. His auto insurance premiums equal the GNP of some small countries. As pretty as a girl.
Expert Analysis: Will get teens to the polls, but is probably too good-looking to be Ekin's VP. His father might meddle.

  Candidate: Tsui Kam-Kong
Credits: Multi-skilled with both drama and comedy under his belt. Is willing to get his hands dirty for his art. Fun at parties.
Debits: Too much information! His work in Sex and Zen hides few secrets. Was once more overexposed than Chapman To, both figuratively and literally. The wigs fool nobody.
Expert Analysis: Not a bad choice, but America will never forgive the party if he's put on the ticket.

  Candidate: Michael Wong
Credits: Bilingual, though questionably. Was in Lost and Found. Also produces and directs. Has a famous brother.
Debits: Zero presence in either language. Has the acting skills of a chunk of granite. Too many bad movies to count. Wants to be called "Stone Wong" on the party ticket.
Expert Analysis: America already had a blandly handsome VP who seemed slow on the uptake.

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