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Last Site Update: September 28, 2015

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Adam Wong of The Way We Dance fame
directs this nostalgic romance
starring Miriam Yeung and Jan Lam.
She Remembers, He Forgets
opens this November in Hong Kong.

2015 Update #6
A minor update to catch up on new films before we announce the 2014 LoveHKFilm Awards at our next update, which should arrive sometime in the next month. Again, we're totally late on this. Sorry.

Update #6 sees lots of new-ish films that have been reviewed elsewhere. Included this time are big films like Ringo Lam's Wild City and Wolf Totem, which is China's official entry to the 2016 Oscars despite being directed by a French guy. Hong Kong's entry, Dante Lam's To the Fore, was reviewed last update. Taiwan's entry, Hou Hsiao-Hsien's The Assassin, will be reviewed next update. Maybe. If we feel like it.

Latest Stuff
- Review: Wild City NEW
- Review: All You Need is Love NEW
- Review: A Tale of Three Cities NEW
- Review: Love Detective NEW
- Review: Port of Call NEW
- Review: Lady of the Dynasty NEW
- Review: Guia in Love NEW
- Review: Wolf Totem NEW
- Review: No Man's Land NEW
- Review: To the Fore
- Review: SPL 2: A Time for Consequences
- Review: Monster Hunt
- Review: Paris Holiday

News, Notes and Nonsense

Updated April 19, 2015


Hong Kong Film Awards announced
As expected, a movie won at the Hong Kong Film Awards and it was not Aberdeen. To find out what it was, please click through to visit the full list of winners for the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards. Unfortunately, Alex Fong's hair was snubbed for Best Supporting Actor.

  Previous Updates

NEW for September 28, 2015
- Added reviews of Wild City (2015), All You Need is Love (2015), A Tale of Three Cities (2015), Love Detective (2015), Port of Call (2015), Lady of the Dynasty (2015), Guia in Love (2015), Wolf Totem (2015) and No Man's Land (2013).

NEW for August 5, 2015
- Added reviews of To the Fore (2015),
SPL 2: A Time for Consequences (2015), Monster Hunt (2015), Paris Holiday (2015), Imprisoned: Survival Guide for Rich and Prodigal (2015), Guilty (2015), Lucky Star 2015 (2015) and Fleet of Time (2014).

NEW for June 5, 2015
- Added reviews of Helios (2015), Little Big Master (2015), Two Thumbs Up (2015), Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal (2015), Let's Get Married (2015), Gone with the Bullets (2014), Wolf Warriors (2015) and Grey Met Shrek (2014).
- Added an essay on Spooky Encounters (1980).

NEW for April 19, 2015
- Added the Winners for the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards.
- Added reviews of The Taking of Tiger Mountain (2014), Full Strike (2015), Dragon Blade (2015), 12 Golden Ducks (2015), From Vegas to Macau II (2015), One Night in Taipei (2015), Sand Pebbles (2014), The Deathday Party (2014), My Old Classmate (2014) and Zombie Fight Club (2014).

Featured Review

Wild City

Wild City
Urban thriller Wild City marks Ringo Lamís first feature-length crime film in well over a decade, which should mean quite a lot to longtime Hong Kong Cinema fans. The crime genre is where Lam made his sizable reputation, and Wild Cityís superficial similarities to films like City on Fire and Full Alert are sure to excite fans more than Looking For Mr. Perfect or a bunch of films starring a Belgian guy who does the splits. That said, the celebration of this long-awaited milestone may be of more note than the actual film. While Wild City is decent entertainment and offers potent themes of corruption and morality, it measures up poorly when compared to Lamís best work. There are glimpses of classic Ringo Lam present, but we may have to wait until a future project for the promise of Wild City to be fulfilled. (more)


Newest Reviews  
And also a story
All You Need is Love
All You Need is Love makes little sense and ends very abruptly, and yet the stars and the summery setting make minor magic. (more)
Arrest everyone
Love Detective
A Patrick Kong film that isn’t a cynical romcom used to sound like an interesting idea... (more)
Movie of the Rental
Lady of the Dynasty
The long-troubled costume drama Lady of the Dynasty finally hits screens as a pretty-looking but woefully underdeveloped romantic tragedy. (more)
Eww. This really happaned?
Port of Call
May We Chat writer-director Philip Yung again blends social concerns with dark genre tropes in his new film Port of Call... (more)
Nobody in this film is named Guia
Guia in Love
Director-writer-producer Sam Leong brings us Guia in Love, an inconsequential and uneven collection of intertwining love stories set in Macau. (more)
Not a Dickens sequel
A Tale of Three Cities
Hey, Jackie Chan’s parents had their life story made into a movie! (more)
Viva Ning Hao!
No Man's Land
Ning Haoís long-delayed dimsum western (or ďeastern,Ē if thatís the term you prefer) No Manís Land blazes to the screen... (more)
Seven Years in Mongolia
Wolf Totem
What a difference eighteen years makes. Once banned from China for the 1997 Hollywood film Seven Years in Tibet... (more)
But first...get to the choppa!
To the Fore
Dante Lam’s To the Fore starts in entertaining fashion, and its handsome stars and frequent cycling scenes... (more)
Louis Koo really is everywhere
Paris Holiday
Paris Holiday stars the Man with the Tan, Louis Koo, and some girl from Taiwan. Sorry to erase the identity of actress Amber Kuo... (more)

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