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Last Site Update: April 19, 2015

Site Review Count: 2270

opens May 1st, 2015
From the directors of Cold War
comes this action thriller starring
Nick Cheung, Jacky Cheung, Shawn Yue,
some hot Korean guys and
two of the stars of Passion Island.
To guarantee that the film has acting,
Wang Xueqi also makes an appearance.

2015 Update #3
As expected, a movie won at the Hong Kong Film Awards and it was not Aberdeen. To find out what it was, please click through to visit the full list of winners for the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards. Unfortunately, Alex Fong's hair was snubbed for Best Supporting Actor.

Also, we added 10 reviews to the website, including late looks at The Taking of Tiger Mountain, Dragon Blade and From Vegas to Macau II. We're early on Full Strike though, so yay for us!

The next site update will likely be within 4-6 weeks, and will likely cover such movies as Helios, Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal and Two Thumbs Up, plus smaller stuff.

See you in a bit.

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News, Notes and Nonsense

Updated January 12, 2015


21st Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards announced
The results of the yearly Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards were just announced and you can find the full list here.

Shockingly, LoveHKFilm.com film reviewer Kozo was accepted as a member of the Hong Kong Critics Society in late 2014. He helped to determine this year's winners, which means if you don't like the results, you can partially blame him! It could be a win-win for some of you.

  Previous Updates

NEW for April 19, 2015
- Added the Winners for the 34th Hong Kong Film Awards.
- Added reviews of The Taking of Tiger Mountain (2014), Full Strike (2015), Dragon Blade (2015), 12 Golden Ducks (2015), From Vegas to Macau II (2015), One Night in Taipei (2015), Sand Pebbles (2014), The Deathday Party (2014), My Old Classmate (2014) and Zombie Fight Club (2014).

NEW for February 19, 2015
- Added reviews of Triumph in the Skies (2015), An Inspector Calls (2015), Sara (2014), Dearest (2014), Women Who Flirt (2014), The Gigolo (2015), S for Sex, S for Secret (2014), 20 Once Again (2015) and Meeting Dr. Sun (Taiwan, 2014).

NEW for January 25, 2015
- Added reviews of The Crossing 1 (2014), Insanity (2014), The Golden Era (2014), Rise of the Legend (2014), Kung Fu Angels (2014), I Sell Love (2014) and My Voice, My Life (2014).

NEW for January 12, 2015
- Added the Winners of the 21st Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards.

NEW for December 3, 2014
- Added reviews of
Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2 (2014), Gangster Payday (2014), Kung Fu Jungle (2014), Breakup Buddies (2014), Sifu VS Vampire (2014), Dot 2 Dot (2014), The Continent (2014), McDull: Me & My Mum (2014), Flirting in the Air (2014), Urban Games (2014) and Café. Waiting Love (Taiwan, 2014).

Featured Review

Let's take Tiger Mountain!

The Taking of Tiger Mountain
Tsui Hark’s recent streak of excellence has been tied to a single genre: the costume fantasy film. Stuff like Flying Swords of Dragon Gate and the Detective Dee movies were perfectly suited to Tsui’s sensibilities, as he could exercise his imagination without being chained to realism or authenticity. That pattern changes with The Taking of Tiger Mountain, which possesses a comparatively recent historical setting rife with political themes, not to mention drab costumes and settings that don’t allow for arresting visual imagery. Also: no flying kung-fu. Tiger Mountain is a tougher nut to crack, and yet in Tsui Hark’s hands, what could have been PRC propaganda ends up a rousing wartime action-adventure, complete with a wily undercover spy, stalwart war heroes and dastardly bad guys who behave despicably and look even worse. Also: a CGI tiger, an annoying little kid and a last-minute action climax that would be right at home in a James Bond movie. It’s not Tsui Hark’s best work, but The Taking of Tiger Mountain has plenty to recommend it. (more)


Newest Reviews  
Shuttlecock incoming!
Full Strike
After collaborating on the omnibus Hardcore Comedy, as well as a stop-motion short featuring Batman... (more)
Dog of Gamblers' Return
From Vegas to Macau II
Nostalgia can only excuse so much. From Vegas to Macau II is a quick follow-up to last year’s nostalgia-infused From Vegas to Macau... (more)
See how they quack
12 Golden Ducks
What’s good for the chicken is good for the duck. Or something. (more)
They tickle my bare feet
Sand Pebbles
Sand Pebbles is yet another well-meaning Hong Kong indie that’s laudable for its intentions... (more)
Disaster at the multiplex
Triumph in the Skies
After two hit drama series, TVB goes for a box office blockbuster... (more)
Jackie Chan's last(?) action movie. Again.
Dragon Blade
Hey Jackie Chan, didn’t you say that CZ12 would be your last action movie? How then can you produce and star in Dragon Blade? (more)
But a lifetime in cinema hell
One Night in Taipei
Wilson Chin, the creator of the Lan Kwai Fong movies, returns with a variation on his Hong Kong youth clubbing formula... (more)
Where are my presents?
The Deathday Party
The China horror genre is going strong – at least, China filmmakers are still making thrillers... (more)
Couldn't stand that guy
My Old Classmate
Nostalgic young love is all the rage at Chinese cinemas, and My Old Classmate rides that trend gleefully. (more)
First rule: You don't see Zombie Fight Club
Zombie Fight Club
Hong Kong Cinema could use movies like Zombie Fight Club – even if they turn out like Zombie Fight Club. (more)

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