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Last Site Update: December 16th, 2016

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opens this Christmas

Wong Kar-Wai produces this
comedy starring Tony Leung
Chiu-Wai, Takeshi Kaneshiro,
Angelababy and Eason Chan.
Formerely titled The Ferryman.

So long 2016
We updated this site! We didn't forget about it, though not for lack of trying.

This update sees the results of the 21st LoveHKFilm Awards, which covers films released over 12 monhts ago. Yes, we're slow. Sorry.

Other content includes 12 reviews, including two from returning contributor Paul Fox. We'll return sometime in early 2017 for an update, but after that the site will be slowing down even further. *Shrug* We all gotta grow up sometime.

Happy New Year!

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  Previous Updates

NEW for December 16, 2016
- Added the results of the 21st LoveHKFilm Awards.

- Added a list of the 53rd Golden Horse Award Winners.

- Added reviews of Operation Mekong (2016), Weeds on Fire (2016), Heartfall Arises (2016), Call of Heroes (2016), S Storm (2016), Happiness (2016), Mission Milano (2016), Girl of the Big House (2016), Special Female Force (2016), Nessun Dorma (2016), The Dead End (2015) and Super Models (2015).

NEW for October 24, 2016
- Added reviews of Mad World (2016), Three (2016), Cold War 2 (2016)
, League of Gods (2016), Line Walker: The Movie (2016), Bounty Hunters (2016), Fooling Around Jiang Hu (2016), Robbery (2015), The Mobfathers (2016), Kill Time (2016), The Last Women Standing (2015), Monk Comes Down the Mountain (2015) and Blind Massage (2014).

NEW for August 9, 2016
- Added reviews of Trivisa (2016), The Bodyguard (2016), Book of Love (2016), Kidnap Ding Ding Don (2016), Chongqing Hot Pot (2016), New York New York (2016), Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016), House of Wolves (2016), PG Love (2016), iGirl (2016), Buddy Cops (2016), The Secret (2016), Lost in Wrestling (2015), Terraformers (Japan, 2016) and Heart Attack (Thailand, 2015).

Featured Review

Eddie Peng

Operation Mekong
Thrilling action sequences are the highlight of director Dante Lam's otherwise average Operation: Mekong. Based on a true event that occurred in 2011, when the 13 crew members of two Chinese cargo ships were massacred while cruising the Mekong River in the Golden Triangle, the film is entertainingly kinetic but also narratively thin and politically unpleasant. The screenplay is drawn from a real incident with international implications and reduces it to unremarkable fodder for the type of rah-rah actioner that Sylvester Stallone might have made back in the 1980s. The action basically involves Chinese officers running rampant all over multiple countries and causing tons of collateral damage in the name of China-approved justice. Granted, these Chinese Rambos have the blessings of their neighboring Southeast Asian governments, but these regional partners are never more than background support to the awesome Chinese heroes, and the antagonists largely come off as Southeast Asian stereotypes. In this era of increased racial and political sensitivity, Operation: Mekong looks pretty ugly. (more)


Newest Reviews  
They're calling collect
Call of Heroes
Arguably Hong Kong's most consistent action filmmaker, Benny Chan follows... (more)
Sadly no Michael Wong
S Storm
The sequel-not-really-a-sequel to the unimpressive Z Storm, director David Lam's S Storm finds returning lead Louis Koo... (more)
Love the song

Nessun Dorma

Adapted from a popular novel, Nessun Dorma has potent source material, but the film's execution is ineffective and ill-advised. (more)
Mmmm., Pepperidge Farm cookies
Mission Milano
Mission Milano is stupid and silly but in a harmless and disposable way that’s become typical of writer-producer-director Wong Jing’s work. (more)
Also girl of the bad movie
Girl of the Big House
The Girl of the Big House stars Angela Wang Shi-Ling, a mainland child actress made popular by the Chinese reality television show... (more)
Mad World
Directed by Fresh Wave short film veteran Wong Chun, Mad World is a frank... (more)
It's CGI-tastic
League of Gods
Fans of mindless CGI orgies might enjoy mindless CGI orgy League of Gods, a fantasy wuxia that replaces coherent storytelling... (more)
Drop and roll
Weeds on Fire
The debut feature of writer-director Chan Chi-Fat, Weeds on Fire chronicles the true story of Hong Kong's first youth baseball team... (more)
So does the bile

Heartfall Arises

The wannabe-hit thriller Heartfall Arises proved to be neither thrilling nor a hit – a sure disappointment for first-time writer-director Ken Wu... (more)
Not that special
Special Female Force
The girls-with-guns action-comedy Special Female Force is resolutely average, which is kind of a win if you consider the state of the genre. (more)
Is never having to say you're sorry
Director Andy Lo Yiu-Fai makes a fine feature debut with the flawed yet quietly effective drama Happiness. (more)
Try a U-turn
The Dead End
Cao Baoping’s mystery-drama The Dead End is an overstuffed yet complex and engrossing work that builds on the director’s impressive filmography... (more)
Nothing super about this at all
Super Models
We should start with a primer on Hong Kong’s pseudo-model [or leng mo) phenomenon. Pseudo-models are self-made “models” that... (more)
Those are some nice suits
Cold War 2
An office politics drama disguised as a cops-and-robbers thriller, Cold War was a major commercial success... (more)

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