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Last Site Update: September 6, 2014

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R.I.P. Patrick Lung Kong

Actor, director and
Hong Kong Cinema great
Patrick Lung Kong passed
away on September 2, 2014
at the age of 79.
Needless to say, he will
be missed. Read about
his life and career at
Film Business Asia
and Kaiju Shakedown.

A break in the clouds
What has it been - maybe 11 weeks since we last updated this website? Even the people who work at this thing thought we were done.

This update features nine reviews of movies that came out this year or last. Nothing by Johnnie To or Donnie Yen, so too bad about that. We also completed voting for the LoveHKFilm Awards, and will announce the results at our next update, which should hopefully be in 2014. We're all about managing expectations.

Enjoy (or not) this latest update and we'll see you next time.

The Management

Latest Stuff
- Review: The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom NEW
- Review: Girls NEW
- Review: Break Up 100 NEW
- Review: Hungry Ghost Ritual NEW
- Review: Z Storm NEW
- Review: May We Chat NEW
- Review: The Great Hypnotist NEW
- Review: Enthralled NEW
- Review: Doomsday Party NEW

News, Notes and Nonsense

Updated April 20, 2014


THE GRANDMASTER stands tall at 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards
You know that thing Hong Kong does every year where they hand out a bunch of awards to their own movies, even though there aren't very many? Well, they did it again on April 13. 2014, with the 33rd edition of the Hong Kong Film Awards. The big winners were The Grandmaster, The Grandmaster, The Grandmaster, The Way We Dance, Rigor Mortis, The Grandmaster and The Grandmaster. The Grandmaster also won something.

Check here for a full list of winners, including a film called The Grandmaster.

  Previous Updates

NEW for September 6, 2014
- Added reviews of The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom (2014), Girls (2014), Hungry Ghost Ritual (2014), Z Storm (2014), Break Up 100 (2014), The Great Hypnotist (2014), May We Chat (2013), Enthralled (2014) and Doomsday Party (2013).

NEW for June 15, 2014
- Added reviews of
Overheard 3 (2014), The Midnight After (2014), Aberdeen (2014), Iceman 3D (2014), That Demon Within (2014), Delete My Love (2014), 3D Naked Ambition (2014), Beijing Love Story (2014), The Unbelievable 3: The Skeleton Road (2014) and Mortician (2013).

NEW for April 20, 2014
- Added reviews of Golden Chickensss (2014), Horseplay (2014), Black Comedy (2014), The Wrath of Vajra (2013), Crimes of Passion (2013) and The Wedding Diary II (2013).

NEW for April 14, 2014
- Added the Winners of the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards.

NEW for March 4, 2014
- Added reviews of From Vegas to Macau (2014), The Monkey King (2014), Hello Babies (2014), Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (2014), As the Light Goes Out (2013), Police Story 2013 (2013), Personal Tailor (2013), Kick Ass Girls (2013) and The Stolen Years (2013).

Featured Review

Fan Bingbing

The White Haired Witch
of Lunar Kingdom

The classic wuxia novel Baifa Monü Zhuan receives another in a long line of screen adaptations with The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom – though if you hail from the West, you’re probably most familiar with the 1993 version The Bride with White Hair. Directed by Ronny Yu, that 21 year-old film starred Brigitte Lin and Leslie Cheung as lovers torn apart by the treacherous machinations inherent in the jiang hu. Yu’s version reduced the convoluted plotting and pushed the tragic romance for a passionate but unfaithful adaptation. While still a departure, The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom restores the intrigue and historical setting of Liang Yusheng’s original novel, but can’t combine those elements with its exceptional stars – Fan Bingbing and Huang Xiaoming – to deliver something special. While passably diverting, the film may only entertain undemanding audiences, and certainly not anyone who turns up because Tsui Hark is credited as the film’s “Artistic Consultant” (really, he is). Fan Bing-Bing’s wig does not disappoint, however. (more)


Newest Reviews  
They're actually women
Director Barbara Wong flirts with new highs and lows in her friendship anthem Girls, starring Fiona Sit, Ivy Chen and Yang Zishan. (more)
Ekin forever!
Break Up 100
Ekin Cheng widens the age gap with his female co-stars to 17 years in the romantic comedy-drama Break Up 100. (more)
Great Hypnotist, Lousy Doctor
The Great Hypnotist
China box office force Xu Zheng takes on the title role in The Great Hypnotist... (more)
Texting is fun
May We Chat
The familiar teen-girls-from-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks formula gets updated in May We Chat... (more)
John Milton rolls over in his grave
Good writers don’t always make good filmmakers, and as proof there’s the thoughtful but unfathomable drama Enthralled... (more)
Sorry, I'm on a diet
Hungry Ghost Ritual

Nick Cheung throws his hat into the directing ring with Hungry Ghost Ritual, a distinctly Chinese horror film... (more)

A Michael Wong fan must-see
Z Storm
Men in suits yelling at each other = money. Or something. Z Storm may be the first official Cold War copycat... (more)
A bad day in Hong Kong
Doomsday Party
Ensemble dramatic thriller Doomsday Party is an ambitious and even admirable effort... (more)
Stop horsing around!
Overheard 3
Time for more listening. The Overheard franchise returns for its third iteration... (more)
Look out for smoke monsters
The Midnight After
Fruit Chan’s The Midnight After adapts its source material, web novel “Lost on a Red Mini Bus to Tai Po”... (more)

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