The Man on the Street
We talked to the Man on the Street to discover their feelings about CRACK.

Topic: Hong Kong film is dying
Q: Who gets the blame?
"The audience is to blame. When you're not beautiful like me, you end up becoming a lawbreaker, or a person of low morals. Beautiful people would never download movies. That's why I voted for mandatory cosmetic surgery!" - Michelle Reis
"Nobody's to blame! Please stop the hate! We all have to work together in this time of need! If we don't unite as one, then we'll die alone and apart! Oh, why can't we all just get along?"
- Simon Lui
"I would blame the media, but they've been really nice to me lately. They used to bug me all the time about Ekin, but now they never bother me at all. In fact, nobody in the media has talked to me in months! I hope I'm still popular." - Gigi Leung
"I blame! If they didn't exist, people might still be fooled into thinking we make quality features! I mean, people might not realize we make crap! I mean...oh, never mind! Go see Himalaya Singh! It's my best work!" - Ronald Cheng

"I blame Para Para Sakura! If it weren't for that film, everybody would still have hope for Hong Kong Cinema! I took my whole family plus all my friends to see it at the theater! Then the movie started. I had to kill all the witnesses." - Andy Lau

"I blame that guy, Andy Lau! Ever since I played a young him in Infernal Affairs, my career has gone to Hell! Five years and I still can't get a leading role! What's up with that? It's like people think I'm untalented or something." - Edison Chen
Q: Do you support CRACK?
"Support crack? Man, I'm on crack right now! I actually take a variety of pharmaceuticals. How else can I host a radio show, do TV appearances, write a book, and shoot 2 separate movies in a day? If I could clone myself, I would!" - Chapman To

"My movies are actually good, so I don't feel the need to point fingers. If I made stuff like Para Para Sakura, maybe I'd want to blame someone else and join CRACK. But most of my movies are good. My new nickname is 'Pixar.'" - Johnnie To

"I don't support CRACK, but my cat Fluffy does! He just loves Eric Tsang and Wong Jing. Plus he loves McDull. The only person he can't stand there is Ekin. I don't like him either. His hair is better than mine." - Joey Yung

"I support CRACK because they're against piracy. I totally hate piracy too. When I found out Nic Tse was King of Bit Torrent, I went to his house, gave him a serious ass kicking, and made him eat his copy of Para Para Sakura. Man, that movie blows!" - Shawn Yue

"CRACK hates, which doesn't sit well with me. Kozo is practically the only person who thinks I can act! It gives me confidence to know that he supports me! Still, I hope he doesn't violate the restraining order again." - Sammi Cheng
"I will always support CRACK. Those guys know what they're doing, and I've been a fan of their work for years. When I was college, I did something that was a lot like CRACK..." - George W. Bush
Q: Have you ever downloaded films?
"Just because I did one illegal thing, now everybody thinks I'm some master criminal! This industry sucks! Nobody can forgive and forget! Screw this, I'm going to do something more fulfilling, like work at Pottery Barn!" - Cherrie Ying
"Yeah, I download all the time. I have to! It's the only way I can get anyone to see my movies. I mean, would you pay to see Para Para Sakura? I don't think anyone in their right mind would! Piracy has its plusses." - Aaron Kwok
"Why should I download movies? I'm so successful as a singer, that I can buy my own DVD shops! In fact, I own two in Causeway Bay! We sell everything there...except Para Para Sakura. Boy, did that movie suck." - Jacky Cheung

"I downloaded a movie once, but not out of choice! I had to download Silver Hawk because they pulled it out of the theaters after only 24 hours! Afterwards, somebody destroyed the server. I think they burned down the theater too." - Michelle Yeoh

"I download everything! I'm King of Bit Torrent! There's this piece of crap called Para Para Sakura starring my ex-girlfriend - I got a rip of that! Sometimes I boot it up just so I can feel better about myself." - Nicholas Tse

"I once downloaded a movie called Para Para Sakura! It was so awful that I decided never to download a movie ever again. I can't even touch my computer without puking. I think I may have emotional scars." - Angelica Lee

Q: Is there a future for HK Film?
"I don't know, and the uncertainty is killing me! It's all I can think about! I'm so pissed off that I'm about to burn up in anger! Miriam is going to open up a can of whup ass! I'm a flamethrower and my scarf itches!" - Miriam Yeung

"I hope so, but after Para Para Sakura, even I don't want to see Hong Kong movies anymore! I wish I worked with Aaron before they made that film. Then I could have killed him and aborted the nightmare." - Eason Chan

"Of course there is! My whole career is ahead of me! What? No, I've never heard of Para Para Sakura. I was in it? Haha, stop kidding me! You're serious? Please stop talking about that movie. My eating disorder might return." - Cecilia Cheung

"There better be, because I'm back, baby! Thanks to Stephen Chow, I have a career again! Before this I couldn't buy a part in a movie, but now I can choose what I want to do. The other day I turned down Wong Jing! Ah, life is good!" - Yuen Wah

"I'm hoping the cinema dies. I once looked forward to making movies with Johnnie To and Ringo Lam. Then last year, I made The Attractive One. My career is done. I might as well have appeared in Para Para Sakura!" - Lau Ching-Wan
"Can you repeat that? I really can't understand you because I'm stoned out of my mind! I'm so hopped up that it's destroyed my personal judgment! I just saw Para Para Sakura. It was awesome!" - Shu Qi

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