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The Pan-Asia Review Archive is dedicated to the memory of Lee Wong, who passed away in August of 2002. Lee reviewed films for this site under the name LunaSea. Though he cared for HK Film, his true love was Pan-Asian film, and most especially Korean cinema. This review archive was created in large part due to his knowledge and enthusiasm. Thanks, Lee.

About the reviews:
Reviews are accredited to the respective reviewers via a notation which lists the reviewer name and the year when the review was written. Like this:

(Kozo, 2002)

To learn about the the reviewers, click here.



Q: What is a Pan-Asian film?
A: For the purposes of this web site, a Pan-Asian film is any movie from any Asian country that isn't considered a Hong Kong or China film. Or, it's a non-Asian film directed by an Asian director, or has an Asian lead or heavily featured Asian co-star. Regardless of the above, we've still given China its own section. That's because China is everywhere.

Q: Why does have a Pan Asian film section?
A: People like films from other Asian countries, too. Some people like Pan-Asian films more than Hong Kong films, which earns them the ire of the Webmaster. Still, this section is for them.



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