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Hong Kong Comic Books

Occasionally, will feature something tangentially related to HK Cinema. This feature is one of those things. Site reviewer Sanjuro has taken it upon himself to review not only HK and PanAsian Cinema, but also Comics Books from everybody's favorite Special Administrative Region. Like life itself, the frequency of such reviews cannot be predicted.

All of the featured comic books can be obtained by either going to the ComicsOne website, or going to the local comic book or finer bookstore in your area. If you can walk there, go for it. Exercise is a good thing.

Archived Reviews

Batman: Hong Kong
Hardcover Graphic Novel
Published by DC Comics

Softcover Graphic Novel
Published by ComicsOne
  From top to bottom: art samples from The Storm Riders, The Storm Riders again, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Batman: Hong Kong, and finally The Storm Riders yet again. Yes, The Storm Riders is quite popular in Hong Kong.    
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images courtesy of ComicsOne and DC Comics
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