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January 3rd, 2003


Kozo's New Years Resolutions

     In a rare move, this column will contain something other than random grousing from the Webmaster. I won't be complaining about bandwidth theft or traffic overage charges. I won't talk about my dwindling financial status or the annoying e-mails I receive. I won't even ask what the hell I'm doing.
     No, this column is an attempt at warm and fuzzy. It's an effort to tap into the dreams and hopes that we have for the new year. It's a departure, and I'll certainly try to be positive. I will not, however, make any promises about success.
     So here they are. I, Webmaster Kozo, resolve to:

  • Watch at least five new Hong Kong movies.
  • Watch more Korean films. I keep hearing that they're pretty good.
  • Get paid for the work that I do.
  • Watch and review Stanley Kwan's The Island Tales. YTSL, it will happen.
  • Overturn the restraining order preventing me from seeing Athena Chu.
  • Ocassionally admit that I like a movie.
  • Get around to putting that forum on the site.
  • Get an ICQ account, if only to have a conversation with Sanney Leung.
  • Rewatch and review You Shoot, I Shoot. Yeah, I know I said I would.
  • Get 100% completion on "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City."
  • Curb the real life habits picked up from "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City."
  • Be nicer to Ekin Cheng.
  • Be meaner to Wong Jing.
  • Watch 20% of the DVDs I own that I have not yet seen.
  • Realize the sheer impossibilty of such a task. Play video games instead.
  • Obtain an official apology from Andy Lau for The Wesley's Mysterious File.
  • Clap politely when the Stanford branch of the Museum Store goes under.
  • Finally see all the Fruit Chan movies.
  • Initiate "Operation Payback."
  • Watch both The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers at least three days BEFORE watching The Return of the King.
  • Avoid Tai-Seng DVD pressings.
  • Return Cecilia Cheung's phone calls.
  • Write at least three chapters of the novel.
  • Limit myself to only one version of each Sammi Cheng CD.
  • Pay off my credit cards.
  • Catch every nationally broadcasted Houston Rockets game. Yao Ming rules.
  • Stop Michael Wong from making movies.
  • Watch X-Men 2 at least three times.
  • Stop at one time if the movie is crap.
  • Buy a DVD player capable of PAL/NTSC conversion.
  • Not go broke buying Region 2 PAL DVDs.
  • Take incriminating photos of Alfred Yeung.
  • Stop hanging out with "The Man."
  • Separate Shu Qi from Manfred Wong.
  • Attend the closing ceremonies of certain retail businesses.
  • Stop referring to Tsui Hark as a "Chinese George Lucas on crack."
  • Return to building the occasional Gundam model.
  • Discover and expose the secret behind the success of the Twins. Blackmail? Hypnosis? Good personal hygiene?
  • Cross Harvey Weinstein off my Christmas list.
  • Work as hard as possible at my new job, which hopefully will start in February.
  • Watch more Shaw Brothers DVDs.
  • Collect legal fees from Nicholas Tse.
  • Reduce bitterness levels.
  • Look harder for Mrs. Kozo.
  • Successfully fulfill at least five of the above New Year's Resolutions.
  • Be satisfied if I can complete at least one.
- Kozo 01/03/2002
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