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December 29th , 2003

New Year's Resolution Review

     Last year I was silly enough to print my New Year's Resolutions on the site. I may yet do that again this year (I have a week to decide that), but in the meantime, this is how I did on some of last year's pledges:

  • Watch at least five new Hong Kong movies.
    Woohoo! Success. I believe I saw eight.
  • Watch more Korean films.
    Strike one! This simply did not happen. Despite getting a number of Korean films to watch, I'd be surprised if I totalled over 10 films from Korea.
  • Get paid for the work that I do.
    I get partial credit for this. While I did earn some money, I didn't actually get paid for the work that I did. Take what you will from that.
  • Overturn the restraining order preventing me from seeing Athena Chu.
    Yeah, it's been overturned. Really. I mean it.
  • Ocassionally admit that I like a movie.
  • Get around to putting that forum on the site.
    That happened the first week of the year. Don't say I never did anything for you.
  • Get 100% completion on "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City."
    Did it.
  • Curb the real life habits picked up from "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City."
    I killed no one with an automobile this year, so I guess I succeeded.
  • Be nicer to Ekin Cheng.
    I say I did this. Suddenly, a million voices cried out in disagreement.
  • Be meaner to Wong Jing.
    Even if I accomplished this, I'm sure my meanness was far less than he deserved.
  • Watch 20% of the DVDs I own that I have not yet seen.
    This was metaphysically impossible. Note to self: Set realistic goals, like becoming the Governor of California.
  • Obtain an official apology from Andy Lau for The Wesley's Mysterious File.
    The bastard ignored my phone calls. He did, however, give me Cherrie Ying's phone number.
  • Clap politely when the Stanford branch of the Museum Store goes under.
    Well, I didn't clap politely, but this actually happened. I would say revenge is sweet, but it's actually sort of anti-climactic.
  • Finally see all the Fruit Chan movies.
    Didn't happen. I hang my head in shame.
  • Watch both The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers at least three days BEFORE watching The Return of the King.
    Nope. That's over six hours of consecutive movie-watching! And besides, I was busy watching and reviewing The Spy Dad.
  • Avoid Tai-Seng DVD pressings.
    Does Tai-Seng still press DVDs?
  • Return Cecilia Cheung's phone calls.
    Sorry, I only talk to girls who weigh over sixty pounds.
  • Write at least three chapters of the novel.
    This didn't happen, which sucks hard. I could have been writing a book, but instead I went and reviewed Feel 100% 2003. Damn you, Shawn Yue.
  • Limit myself to only one version of each Sammi Cheng CD.
    I could have broken this resolution, but my credit card was taken from me and cut in half by the cashier, thereby embarrassing me AND making me keep my resolution. Thanks, YesAsia!
  • Pay off my credit cards.
    Did it.
  • Stop Michael Wong from making movies.
    Judging by his actual theatrical output (Wong made many video films, but precious few theatrical ones), I didn't have to do anything.
  • Watch X-Men 2 at least three times.
    Did it. On three CONSECUTIVE nights. If it weren't so sad, I would almost be proud.
  • Buy a DVD player capable of PAL/NTSC conversion.
    This requires money. Next!
  • Not go broke buying Region 2 PAL DVDs.
    Buying Region 2 PAL DVDs without a player capable of playing them would be certifiable. Thankully, I was certified for other reasons, like seeing X-Men 2 three times on three consecutive nights.
  • Separate Shu Qi from Manfred Wong.
    This one was taken from me. She left her manager of her own accord.
  • Attend the closing ceremonies of certain retail businesses.
    Didn't happen, shockingly enough. I suspect it will occur this year.
  • Return to building the occasional Gundam model.
    This didn't happen, which is a loss of epic proportions.
  • Discover and expose the secret behind the success of the Twins.
    I almost did this, but then they arrested me.
  • Watch more Shaw Brothers DVDs.
    Well, I did buy more Shaw Brothers DVDs. Other than that, this one was a complete failure.
  • Reduce bitterness levels.
    Maybe next year.
  • Look harder for Mrs. Kozo.
    Didn't happen...but hey, I got three days left! Who out there is five-foot-six, available, and looks like Sammi Cheng? Singing ability preferred, but not required.

-- Kozo, 12/29/2003

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