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12th Annual LoveHKFilm Awards
Announced February 23rd, 2007
Criteria for Award Selection

*these awards are in no way official or even remotely worthy of serious consideration.
If you find yourself incensed by the content below, please send your complaints here.

Break out the champagne. Hong Kong Cinema in 2006 was better than in 2005, though the actual quality jump wasn't anything to write home about. Still, as opposed to last year, when the lack of quality features required that Seven Swords and Initial D be noted as among the year's best, this year we actually had 7-8 really good films worth putting in a Top Ten Movies list. The last few slots were still a problem, with some decent films like On the Edge, Battle of Wits and Re-cycle unfortunately missing the cut. Even Rob-B-Hood got serious consideration due to its crowd-pleasing nature. Anyway, the list is what it is: what the Webmaster happened to think was best in 2006. You may disagree. Actually, we're expecting you to disagree.

For the record, the Bottom 10 Movies list was a total crapshoot, with nearly 15-20 films jockeying for position after the two absolute worst movies of the year, Love Undercover 3 and Dating a Vampire, got their spots. We could easily have included My Kung-Fu Sweetheart, Love @ First Note, Nothing is Impossible, or Karmic Mahjong in the list, but we didn't because we somehow felt charitable. Either that, or we randomly assigned the worst films based on our mood. Hey, it happens.

Also, we rewarded Chang Chen with the award for "Most Charismatic" even though the film in question, Silk, is technically PanAsia and not Hong Kong. Whatever. We make up the rules around here. Anyway, we're expecting 2007 to be better than 2006. From this point forward, we only accept improvement.

To read about's meeting with actor Andrew Lin, recipient of the Most Underrated Performance Award, go here.


Webmaster's Selections
Best Male Performance
Lau Ching-Wan
My Name is Fame
Best Female Performance
Gong Li
Curse of the Golden Flower
Most Charismatic Performance
Chang Chen
Most Underrated Performance
Andrew Lin Hoi
The Heavenly Kings
Worst Overacting
Raymond Wong Ho-Yin
49 Days
Most Annoying Performance
The entire cast of
Love Undercover 3
Missing in Action
Yueh Hua
Wo Hu
Confession of Pain
Funniest Film
The Heavenly Kings
Best Romance
Most Guilty Pleasure
Dragon Tiger Gate
Biggest Disappointment
Confession of Pain
Best Action
Fatal Contact
Worst Action
Dating a Vampire
Best Production Values
Worst Production Values
Dating a Vampire
Most Overrated Film
Marriage with a Fool
Most Underrated Film
The Special Award
Gold Label
For the dubious achievement
of somehow making
EEG look good
Entertainer of the Year
Aaron Kwok Fu-Sing
For putting his floppy-haired
popstar days behind him and reinventing
himself as performer of actual substance.
Once upon a time, this site referred to
Kwok as "clearly the fourth Sky King".
After 2006, that position may be occupied
by Leon Lai.

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