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A Man Called Sanjuro
Within these pages, inebriated critic Calvin McMillin AKA: Sanjuro goes postal on whatever topic happens to tickle his fancy. If you dare, click through and see what he has to say. No promises on whether or not it'll be good.

Archived Columns

Idle Worshipping

"Ghost of the Dragon: Bruce Lee's Unmade Projects"

"Sanjuro Kills Bill - Well, Not Really"

"Hate Miramax, but LoveHKFilm"

"Seven Films to Save Hong Kong Cinema"
  *One Twin is better than none. Sanjuro imagines a world where Charlene Choi talks about his burly, perpetually angry alter ego. While such a thought is sheer fantasy, we don't doubt that Miss Choi is currently wearing bunny ears as we speak. Missing from the picture is Gillian Chung AKA: Twin #2, who is probably talking about something entirely unrelated to this website.    
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