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Chang Cheh
AKA: Chang Che
AKA: Cheung Kit
- director - writer - producer -
selected filmography
The Tender Trap of Espionage, (1960)[writer]
Black Butterfly (1960)[writer]
Song without Words (1961)[writer]
The Girl with the Golden Arm (1961)[writer]
You Were Meant for Me (1961)[writer]
It's Always Spring (1962)[writer]
Come Rain, Come Shine (1962)[writer]
Crocodile River (1965)[writer]
Inside the Forbidden City (1965)[writer]
Call of the Sea (1965)[writer]
Her Pearly Tears (1962)[writer]
The Female Prince (1964)[writer]
The Warlord and the Actress (1964)[writer]
The Mermaid (1965)[writer]
The Butterfly Chalice (1965)[director/writer]
Tiger Boy (1966)[director/writer]
Magnificent Trio (1966)[director/writer]
The Perfumed Arrow (1966)[writer]
The Trail of the Broken Blade (1967)[director/writer]
One-Armed Swordsman (1967)[director/writer]
The Assassin (1967)[director/writer]
Golden Swallow (1968)[director/writer]
The Singing Thief (1969)[director]
Return of the One-Armed Swordsman (1969)[director/writer]
The Flying Dagger (1969)[director/writer]
The Invincible Fist (1969)[director]
Dead End (1969)[director]
Have Sword, Will Travel (1969)[director]
The Wandering Swordsman (1970)[director]
Vengeance! (1970)[director/writer]
The Heroic Ones (1970)[director/writer]
The Singing Killer (1970)[director]
King Eagle (1971)[director]
The New One-Armed Swordsman (1971)[director]
The Duel (1971)[director]
The Anonymous Heroes (1971)[director]
Duel of Fists (1971)[director]
The Deadly Duo (1971)[director]
Boxer from Shantung (1972)[director/writer]
Angry Guest (1972)[director][actor]
The Water Margin (1972)[director]
Trilogy of Swordsmanship (1972)[director]
Young People (1972)[director]
Delightful Forest (1972)[director]
Man of Iron (1972)[director/writer]
Four Riders (1972)[director/writer]
The Delinquent (1973)[director]
The Blood Brothers (1973)[director/writer]
The Generation Gap (1973)[director/writer]
Police Force (1973)[director/writer]
The Pirate (1973)[director]
The Iron Bodyguard (1973)[director]
Heroes Two (1974)[director]
The Savage Five (1974)[director]
Men from the Monastery (1974)[director]
Friends (1974)[director]
Shaolin Martial Arts (1974)[director/writer]
Na Cha the Great (1974)[director/writer]
Five Shaolin Masters (1974)[director]
All Men are Brothers (1975)[director/writer]
Disciples of Shaolin (1975)[director/writer]
The Fantastic Magic Baby (1975)[director/writer]
The Bloody Escape (1975)[director]
Marco Polo (1975)[director]
Spiritual Fists (1976)[director]
Seven Man Army (1976)[director]
The Shaolin Avengers (1976)[director]
New Shaolin Boxers (1976)[director]
Shaolin Temple (1976)[director]
The Mad Boy (1976)[director]
Bloody Avengers (1976)[director]
Incredible Kung Fu Brothers (1976)[director]
The Naval Commandos (1977)[director]
Magnificent Wanderers (1977)[director]
The Brave Archer (1977)[director]
Chinatown Kid (1977)[director/writer]
The Brave Archer Part 2 (1978)[director]
The Five Venoms (1978)[director/writer]
Invincible Shaolin (1978)[director/writer]
Crippled Avengers (1978)[director/writer]
Life Gamble (1979)[director/writer]
Shaolin Rescuers (1979)[director/writer]
The Daredevils (1979)[director]
The Magnificent Ruffians (1979)[director/writer]
The Kid with the Golden Arm (1979)[director]
Heaven and Hell Gate (1979)[director]
Ten Tigers from Kwantung (1979)[director/writer]
Two Champions of Shaolin (1980)[director/writer]
The Flag of Iron (1980)[director]
The Rebel Intruders (1980)[director]
Legend of the Fox (1980)[director]
Sword Stained with Royal Blood (1981)[director]
Masked Avengers (1981)[director/writer]
The Brave Archer Part 3 (1981)[director]
House of Traps (1982)[director]
Brave Archer and His Mate (1982)[director]
Five Element Ninjas (1982)[director]
Ode to Gallantry (1982)[director]
The Weird Man (1983)[director]
The Ghost (1983)[director]
Shanghai 13 (1984)[director]
The Demons (1984)[director/producer]
Death Ring (1984)[director/producer]
Dancing Warrior (1985)[director/producer]
Great Shanghai 1937 (1986)[director/writer]
Slaughter In Xian (1987)[director]
Across the River (1988)[director/writer/producer]
Just Heroes (1989)[producer]
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