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Chor Yuen
- director - writer - actor -
Chor Yuen in He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father (1993) Chor Yuen in Police Story (1985)
selected filmography
The 7 Heavens (1956)[writer]
The Soul Stealer (1956)[writer]
Bloodshed in the Valley of Love (1957)[director]
Caught in the Act (1957)[writer]
She Married an Overseas Chinese (1957)[writer]
The Whispering Palms (1957)[director]
Adultery (1958)[writer]
Autumn Comes to Purple Rose Garden (1958)[writer]
Grass by the Lake (1959)[director/writer]
Orchid in the Storm (1959)[director]
Autumn Leaf (1960)[director/writer]
The Great Devotion (1960)[director/writer]
Forever Beloved (1961)[director/writer]
Ghost that Was Not (1961)[director/writer]
Murder Case in Chinatown (1961)[writer]
Eternal Regret (Part 1) (1962)[director]
Eternal Regret (Part 2) (1962)[director]
A Time for Mourning (1962)[director]
True Love (1962)[director/writer]
In My Dream Last Night (1963)[director]
My Only Love (1963)[director/writer]
Tear-Laden Rose (1963)[director/writer]
A Blundering Wife (1964)[director/writer]
A Deadly Night (1964)[director]
Diary of a Chauvinistic Husband (1964)[director/writer]
Diary of a Chauvinistic Husband (Part 2) (1964)[director/writer]
A Mad Woman (1964)[director/writer]
Too High to Touch (1964)[director/writer]
Their Lost Romance (1964)[director]
A Secluded Orchid (1964)[director/writer]
Black Rose (1965)[director]
Doomed Love (1965)[director]
Honeymoon (1965)[director]
Lost in Love (1965)[director]
Love has Many Faces (1965)[director]
Love Never Fades (1965)[director]
Lover in Disguise (1965)[director]
An Ocean of Love (1965)[director/writer]
Remorse (1965)[director]
Silent Love (1965)[director]
The Sinner (Part 1) (1965)[director]
The Sinner (Part 2) (1965)[director]
Secrets of a Husband (1965)[director]
Affection (1966)[director]
A Fatal Adventure (1966)[director]
How Much Worry You Can Have (1966)[director]
Legacy (1966)[director]
Little Foursome Family (1966)[director]
Running Tears (1966)[director]
Spy with My Face (1966)[director]
Violet Girl (1966)[director]
The Thief with Baby Face (1966)[director]
A Death Pass (1967)[director]
Diamond Robbery (1967)[director]
Maiden Thief (1967)[director]
Man from Interpol (1967)[director]
My Darling Wife (1967)[director/writer]
Revenger (1967)[director]
To Rose with Love (1967)[director]
Romance of a Teenage Girl (1967)[director]
Be My Love (Winter Love) (1968)[director]
Opposite Love (1968)[director]
Purple Night (1968)[director/writer]
Rhapsody (1968)[director/writer]
Young, Pregnant and Unmarried (1968)[director/writer]
The Joys and Sorrows of Youth (1969)[director/writer]
The Prodigal (1969)[director]
Wise Wives and Foolish Husbands (1969)[director/writer]
Cold Blade (1970)[director/writer]
Dial for Murder (1970)[director/writer]
I Don't Want to Divorce (1970)[director/writer]
The Lost Spring (1970)[director/writer]
Violet Clove and Firebird (1970)[director/writer]
Duel for Gold (1971)[director]
The Ghost's Revenge (1971)[director]
Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan (1972)[director]
The Killer (1972)[director]
The Lizard (1972)[director/writer]
The Bastard (1973)[director]
Haze in the Sunset (1973)[director]
The House of 72 Tenants (1973)[director/writer]
The Villains (1973)[director]
Hong Kong 73 (1974)[director/writer]
Sex, Love and Hate (1974)[director/writer]
Sorrow of the Gentry (1974)[director/writer]
The Big Holdup (1975)[director]
Lover's Destiny (1975)[director/writer]
Farewell to a Warrior (1976)[[director/writer]
Killer Clans (1976)[director]
The Magic Blade (1976)[director]
The Web of Death (1976)[director]
Clans of Intrigue (1977)[director]
Death Duel (1977)[director/writer]
Jade Tiger (1977)[director/writer]
Pursuit of Vengeance (1977)[director]
The Sentimental Swordsman (1977)[director]
Clan of Amazons (1978)[director]
Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre (1978)[director]
Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre Part 2 (1978)[director]
Heroes Shed No Tears (1978)[director]
Legend of the Bat (1978)[director]
Swordsman and Enchantress (1978)[director]
The Forbidden Past (1979)[director]
Full Moon Scimitar (1979)[director]
Murder Plot (1979)[director]
The Proud Twins (1979)[director]
Bat without Wing (1980)[director]
The Convict Killer (1980)[director]
Haunted Tales (1980)[director]
Return of the Sentimental Swordsman (1981)[director]
Black Lizard (1981)[director]
The Duel of Century (1981)[director]
The Emperor and His Brother (1981)[director]
Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman (1982)[director]
The Spirit of the Sword (1982)[director]
Descendant of the Sun (1983)[director]
The Enchantress (1983)[director]
Mad, Mad 83 (1983)[director]
The Roving Swordsman (1983)[director]
The Sensational Pair (1983)[actor]
Cherie (1984)[actor]
The Hidden Power of the Dragon Sabre (1984)[director]
Lust from Love of a Chinese Courtesan (1984)[director]
Fascinating Affairs (1985)[director/writer]
Let's Have a Baby (1985)[director]
Police Story (1985)[actor]
Last Song in Paris (1986)[director/writer]
The Seventh Curse (1986)[cameo]
Born to Gamble (1987)[actor]
That Enchanting Night (1987)[director]
City Warriors (1988)[actor]
The Diary of a Big Man (1988)[director]
Dirty Girl (1988)[actor]
Police Story Part 2 (1988)[actor]
Little Cop (1989)[actor]
Miracles (1989)[actor]
Blood Stained Tradewind (1990)[director]
The Legend of Lee Heung Kwan (1990)[director]
Sleazy Dizzy (1990)[director]
The Sniping (1990)[actor]
The Banquet (1991)[cameo]
Mad Mad 1997 (1992)[director]
The Twin Dragons (1992)[actor]
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father (1993)[actor]
Hong Kong Graffiti (1995)[actor]
Thunderbolt (1995)[actor]
Those were the Days (1997)[actor]
Dummy Mommy without a Baby (2001)[cameo]
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