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Alex Fong Lik-Sun
- actor - singer - former Olympic swimmer -
Alex Fong Lik-Sun in My Lucky Star (2003)
  Alex Fong Lik-Sun was born on February 26, 1980. A swimmer in addition to being an actor and singer, Fong competed for Hong Kong at the 2000 Sydney Olympics and holds HK records in many events, including the 100 and 200-meter backstroke. Fong’s popularity among teenage girls brought him the attention of record executives and he officially became a singer in 2001. Busy with swimming and his university studies, Fong chose to gradually move through the entertainment industry by focusing on his music career and commercial work. One of his songs was used as the theme for the Hong Kong release of the South Korean film Champion (2002). He made his feature film debut in 2002 (2001) where he plays, appropriately, a Water Demon. (Yinique 2003)
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
2002 (2001)
My Lucky Star (2003)
Give Them a Chance (2003)[cameo]
Sound of Colors (2003)
Elixir of Love (2004)[cameo]
Love on the Rocks (2004)
Astonishing (2004)
Super Model (2004)[cameo]
McDull, The Alumni (2006)
I'll Call You (2006)
Marriage with a Fool (2006)
Dating a Vampire (2006)
Love @ First Note (2006)
Love in Macau (2006)
It's a Wonderful Life (2007)
Love Is Not All Around (2007)
Bullet & Brain (2007)
L For Love, L For Lies (2008)
Legendary Assassin (2008)
I Corrupt All Cops (2009)
Kungfu Cyborg: Metallic Attraction (2009)
Just Another Pandora's Box (2010)
The Fantastic Water Babes (2010)
Chase Our Love (2011)
Love is the Only Answer (2011)
Summer Love Love (2011)
East Meets West (2011)
Lan Kwai Fong 2 (2012)
Badges of Fury (2013)
Flash Play (2013)
Lan Kwai Fong 3 (2013)
Hello Babies (2014)
Just Another Margin (2014)
The True Love (2014)
The Extreme Fox (2014)
Delete My Love (2014)
Sky Love (2014)
Midnight Garage (2015)
Anniversary (2015)
Kidnap Ding Ding Don (2016)
The Nightmare Call (2016)
Death Ouija 2 (2017)
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