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Abe Kwong Man-Wai
- writer - director - producer -
Abe Kwong Man-Wai
selected filmography
The Inspector Wears Skirts 2 (1989)[writer]
Midnight Angel (1990)[writer]
Blue Lightning (1991)[writer]
Erotic Ghost Story 2 (1991)[writer]
The Roar of the Vietnamese (1991)[writer]
Take Me (1991)[planning]
Inspector Wears Skirts 4 (1992)[writer]
Thou Shalt Not Swear (1993)[writer]
The Crucifixion (1994)[writer/producer][actor]
The Third Full Moon (1994)[writer]
The Day that Doesn't Exist (1995)[writer/producer]
Once in a Lifetime (1995)[writer/producer]
July 13th (1996)[writer]
A Queer Story (1997)[writer]
24 Hours Ghost Story (1997)[writer/producer]
Haunted Karaoke (1997)[producer]
F***/Off (1998)[director/writer]
Those Were the Days (2000)[planning]
For Bad Boys Only (2000)[planning]
City of Desire (2001)[planning]
Visible Secret (2001)[writer/producer]
Let's Sing Along (2001)[writer]
Fighting to Survive (2002)[director]
Visible Secret 2 (2002)[director/writer]
Star Runner (2003)[writer]
Undercover Hidden Dragon (2006)[writer]
Mr. 3 Minutes (2006)[writer]
Painted Skin (2008)[writer][co-director]
14 Blades (2010)[writer]
All About Love (2010)[actor]
Bruce Lee, My Brother (2010)[actor]
The Lost Bladesman (2011)[producer]
Mural (2011)[producer]
The Four (2012)[producer]
Badges of Fury (2013)[exec. producer]
Beijing Love Story (2014)[producer]
The Four 3 (2014)[producer]
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