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Dante Lam Chiu-Yin
- director - producer - writer -
Dante Lam
selected filmography
Option Zero (1997)[director]
Beast Cops (1998)[director]
When I Look Upon the Stars (1999)[director]
Jiang Hu - The Triad Zone (2000)[director]
Hit Team (2001)[director][writer][producer][action][action]
Runaway (2001)[director][writer][producer]
La Brassiere (2001)[cameo]
U-Man (2002)[producer]
Tiramisu (2002)[director][writer]
The Twins Effect (2003)[director]
Naked Ambition (2003)[co-director]
Love on the Rocks (2004)[co-director]
Heat Team (2004)[director]
A-1 Headline (2004)[actor][action]
Undercover Hidden Dragon (2006)[co-director]
Storm Rider - Clash of Evils (2008)[director]
The Beast Stalker (2008)[director][writer]
The Sniper (2009)[director]

Fire of Conscience (2010)[director][writer]

The Stool Pigeon (2010)[director]
The Viral Factor (2012)[director][writer][action]
Unbeatable (2013)[director][writer]
That Demon Within (2014)[director][writer]
To the Fore (2015)[director][writer]
Operation Mekong (2016)[director][writer]
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