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Lau Siu-Ming
- actor -
Lau Siu-Ming in Twist (1995) Lau Siu-Ming in China Strike Force (2000) Lau Siu-Ming in Project A Part 2 (1987)
  "Ming Sir" Lau Sing-Ming is a respected veteran actor and a pioneer in Hong Kong dance. When he was just a youth, Lau received a scholarship to study ballet in France and work with some of the top dancers in the world. He went on to become the first Chinese dance choreographer in France and is a founding member of the Hong Kong Dance Federation. Lau was back in Hong Kong teaching dance when Tsui Hark approached him to take on the part of the narrator/documenter in The Butterfly Murders (1979). Lau has since gone on to appear in several more Tsui Hark productions, most memorably as the freaky, soul-sucking, transgender Tree Demon in A Chinese Ghost Story (1987) and A Chinese Ghost Story 3 (1991). He also turned up in A Chinese Ghost Story 2 (1990), playing Joey Wong's father this time, and in Swordsman (1990) as Ngok, the duplicitous headmaster of the Wah Mountain School. Lau was also in the Hui Brothers comedy Front Page (1990) and had Norika Fujiwara on his arm in his role as a crime boss in China Strike Force (2000). Lau has appeared regularly in TV serials and films over the years and continues to be an active member and supporter of the local Hong Kong arts community. He received the Hong Kong Dance Award in 2002 for his lifelong dedication and contributions to the art of dance. (Yinique 2005)
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
The Butterfly Murders (1979)
The Sword (1980)
Coolie Killer (1982)
Possessed (1983)
The Unwritten Law (1985)
Devoted to You (1986)
Royal Warriors (1986)
My Will, I Will (1986)
Righting Wrongs (1986)
A Chinese Ghost Story (1987)
Project A Part II (1987)
Call Girl '88 (1988)
The Truth (1988)
Walk On Fire (1988)
Police Story 2 (1988)
The Vampire Partner (1988)
Escape from Kingdom (1988)
Crazy Companies 2 (1988)
Last Romance (1988)
Gift from Heaven (1989)
Path of Glory (1989)
Miracles (1989)
The Truth-Final Episode (1989)
The Black Wall (1989)
Burning Ambition (1989)
Devil Hunters (1989)
Eat a Bowl of Tea (USA 1989)
A Chinese Ghost Story 2 (1990)
Rebel from China (1990)
Killer's Romance (1990)
Swordsman (1990)
The Story of My Son (1990)
Front Page (1990)
Stage Door Johnny (1990)
Shanghai 1920 (1991)
An Eternal Combat (1991)
Casino Raiders 2 (1991)
The Banquet (1991)
Phantom War (1991)
A Chinese Ghost Story 3 (1991)
Deadly Deal (1991)
The Raid (1991)
Son on the Run (1991)
Zen Of Sword (1992)
Dr. Lamb (1992)
The Prince Of Temple Street (1992)
The Cat (1992)
Casino Tycoon (1992)
Casino Tycoon 2 (1992)
The Untold Story (1993)
The Incorruptible (1993)
Chez 'n 'Ham (1993)
The Supreme Winner (1993)
Drunken Master 2 (1994)
Bloody Beast (1994)
Mermaid Got Married (1994)
The Other Side of the Sea (1994)
A Fatal Jump (1994)
Fairwell to My Dearest (1995)
Home Again (1995)
Twist (1995)
The Armed Policewoman (1995)
Faithfully Yours (1995)
Kitchen (1997)
China Strike Force (2000)
City of Desire (2001)
The Tree (2001)
The Medallion (2003)
Divergence (2005)
Set to Kill (2005)
Re-cycle (2006)
Forest of Death (2007)
The Detective (2007)
The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake (2011)
Magic to Win (2011)
Turning Point 2 (2011)
Lost in Wrestling (2015)
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