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Shih Kien
AKA: Shek Kin
AKA: Sek Kin
- actor -
Shih Kien in Enter the Dragon (1973) Shih Kien in Hong Kong Playboys (1983) Shih Kien in The Millionaire's Express (1986) Shih Kien in Enter the Dragon (1973)
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
Everlasting Love (1940)
Feng Shiyu Burned the Red Cloud Temple (1949)
Tragedy on the Pearl River (1950)
How Shaolin Monastery Was Reduced to Ashes (1950)
The Heroine Part 2 (1950)
Peach-blossom Hero Spies on Poisonous Dragon Swamp by Night (1950)
Fang Shiyu and His Father's Revenge (1950)
Red Lady (1950)
White Whirlwind Heroine (1951)
Fang Shiyu's Invasion of Juling Peak (1951)
The Sword and the Pearl (1951)
The Powerful-leg Hero (1952)
Her Perilous Adventures (1952)
Huang Feihong's Battle in Furong Valley (1952)
Hero of Deserted River (1953)
The Heroine's Conquest of the Mosque (1953)
Huang Feihong Tries His Shadowless Kick (1954)
The True Story of Huang Feihong (1955)
Everlasting Love (1955)
The Story of Gan Fengchi and Fourth Miss Lu (1955)
Story of Iron Monkey (Grand Finale) (1955)
How Huang Feihong Vanquished the Bully on Long Dike (1955)
Huang Feihong at a Boxing Match (1956)
Huang Feihong's Fight in Foshan (1956)
How Huang Feihong Set Fire to Dashatou (1956)
The Kunlun Girl Steals the Red Scarf by Night (1956)
Huang Feihong's Battle at Shuangmendi (1956)
How Huang Feihong Pitted 7 Lions against the Dragon (1956)
How Huang Feihong Fought 5 Dragons Single-handed (1956)
Fang Shiyu Comes to Hong Xiguan's Rescue (1956)
How Huang Feihong Saved the Dragon's Mother's Temple (1956)
Huang Feihong's Story: Iron Cock against Centpede (1956)
Huang Feihong Wins the Dragon Boat Race (1956)
How Huang Feihong Thrice Captured Su Shulian in the Water (1956)
How Huang Feihong Vanquished the Terrible Hound at Shamian (1956)
Huang Feihong's Victory at Xiaobeijiang (1956)
How Huang Feihong Vanquished the Bully at the Red Opera Float (1956)
The Heroine of Deadly Darts (1956)
Huang Feihong Attends the Joss-Stick Festival at Heavenly Goddess' Temple (1956)
Iron-Palm versus Eagle-Claw (1956)
How Huang Feihong Saved the Lovelorn Monk from the Ancient Monastery (1956)
Love and Hate (1956)
Ne-Zha's Adventures in the East Sea (1957)
Devil's Sword (1957)
Red Butterfly the Heroine (1957)
Huang Feihong's Fight at Henan (1957)
How the Boxer from Nanhai Stole the Dappled Horse at Night (1957)
Huang Feihong and the Battle of Saddle Hill (1957)
How Huang Feihong Smashed the Flying Dagger Gang (1957)
How Huang Feihong Fought a Bloody Battle in the Spinster's Home (1957)
Seven Swords and Thirteen Heroes (1957)
Huang Feihong's Rival for a Pearl (1957)
Huang Feihong's Story: Five Devils against Two Dragons (1958)
Huang Feihong's Fierce Battle (1958)
How Huang Feihong Erases the Golden Bell Trap (1958)
Driver No. 7 (1958)
Fang Shiyu Attacks Emperor Qianlong in Fury (1958)
Fang Shiyu's Three Attacks on Emperor Qianlong (1958)
Huang Feihong's Victory at Ma Village (1958)
Huang Feihong Gets Rid of the Three Rascals (1958)
How Huang Feihong Used an Iron-Fowl Against the Eagle (1958)
Huang Feihohng Saves the Kidnapped Liang Kuan (1958)
Fang Shiyu's Bloody Battle with the Net of Dual Forces (1959)
The Rascal He on Fire (1959)
Huang Feihong on Rainbow Bridge (1959)
King Kong's Adventures in the Heavely Palace (1959)
Huang Feihong Trapped in the Hell (1959)
How Huang Feihong Defeated the Tiger on the Opera Stage (1959)
Seven Swordsman Leave Tianshan (1959)
Story of the White-Haired Demon Girl (Grand Finale) (1959)
Huang Feihong's Battle with the Gorilla (1960)
Apartment Murder (1960)
The Last Five Minutes (1960)
Iron Arms and the Boxer (1960)
How Huang Feihong Smashed the Five Tigers (1961)
Intense Moment (1961)
The Swords of Tien Shan Part 1 (1961)
The Swords of Tien Shan (1961)
Revenge and Gratitude (1961)
The Haunchback Hero (1962)
The Haunting Shadow (1962)
Fen Shiyu Rescued His Mother in the Boxing Ring (1962)
The Blonde Hair Monster (1962)
The Mysterious Murderer (1962)
White-bone Sword Part 1 (1962)
White-bone Sword Part 2 (1962)
The New Tale of the Flying Crane (1962)
The Snake-girl and the Flying Monster (1962)
The Tiger in Hunting (1963)
A Wild Battle (1963)
The Invincible Sword (1963)
The Gallant Hua Yunlong (1963)
The Blade and the Sword Part 1 (1963)
The Blade and the Sword Part 2 (1963)
The New Tale of the Flying Crane Part 2 (1963)
Flesh and Blood (1963)
Story of the Sword and the Sabre Part 1 (1963)
Story of the Sword and the Sabre Part 2 (1963)
The Strange Hero 'Flying Swallow' (1963)
Burning of the Shaolin Temple Part 1 (1963)
South Dragon, North Phoenix (1963)
Burning of the Shaolin Temple Part 2 (1963)
The Golden Hairpin Part 2 (1963)
The Invincible Yuanyang Swords (1963)
The Flying Sword (1963)
A Goddess' Sword (1963)
The Poisonous Cicade (1963)
The Dragon Sword (1963)
Revenge of the Ape-girl (1963)
Half a Sword Part 1 (1963)
The Claws of Horror (1963)
Half a Sword Part 2 (1963)
The Musketeer from Luoyang (1964)
The Flying Fox in the Snowy Mountains Part 1 (1964)
The Flying Fox in the Snowy Mountains Part 2 (1964)
Sword of the Buddha's Warrior (1964)
Seven Tigers (1964)
The Dragon and the Bat (1964)
The Skeleton Whip (1964)
Heroes' Love (1964)
The Flying Phoenix from Wudang Part 1 (1964)
The Flying Phoenix from Wudang Part 2 (1964)
I Did My Best (1964)
She's a Musketeer Part 1 (1964)
She's a Musketeer Part 2 (1964)
A Magic Pearl in a Haunted Valley (1965)
The Hero and the Beauty Part 1 (1965)
The Hero and the Beauty Part 2 (1965)
The All-powerful Flute Part 1 (1965)
The All-powerful Flute Part 2) (1965)
The Decree of Death (1965)
Agent 101 (1965)
Treasure Hunt (1965)
Wonder-Girl Part 1 (1965)
Wonder-Girl Part 2 (1965)
Golden Butterfly Lady Thief (1965)
Jade in the Red Dust Part 1 (1966)
Jade in the Red Dust Part 2 (1966)
Jade in the Red Dust (Grand Finale) (1966)
Infernal Gate Part 1 (1966)
Infernal Gate Part 2 (1966)
Sacred Fire, Heroic Wind Part 1 (1966)
Spy Vs. Spy (1966)
Sacred Fire, Heroic Wind Part 2 (1966)
Golden Bat (1966)
Return of the Golden Bat (1966)
Elusive Golden Butterfly (1966)
Lady Black Cat (1966)
Golden Cup Wandering Dragon and the Decree to Kiill (1966)
Fire Dragon and the Mythical Pearl (1966)
Banner of the Twin Phoenixes Part 1 (1966)
Banner of the Twin Phoenixes Part 2 (1966)
Young and Furious Part 1 (1966)
Young and Furious Part 2 (1966)
Girl Detective 001 (1966)
The Black Killer (1967)
Green-eyed Demon (1967)
The Lady Killer (1967)
Shaky Steps (1967)
Lightning Killer (1967)
The Flying Killer (1967)
The Golden Swallow (1967)
Lady with a Cat's Eyes (1967)
Lady Flying Dragon (1967)
Story of a Discharged Prisoner (1967)
Lady Black Cat Strikes Again (1967)
The Seven Swords and the Thirteen Heroes (1967)
Lady in Pink (1967)
The Golden Cat (1967)
Huang Feihong Meeting the Heroes with the Tiger Paw (1967)
Girl in Red (1967)
Rocambole (1967)
Blood Stains the Iron Fist (1967)
Lady in Distress: The Invincible Fighter (1967)
Huang Feihong: The Incredible Success in Canton (1968)
The One-eyed Swordsman (1968)
Buddhist Spiritual Palm Returned (1968)
How Huang Feihong Vanquished the Monster and Conquered the 9 Fractions (1968)
Huang Feihong: The Invincible 'Lion Dancer' (1968)
The Vagabond Swordsman (1968)
Decree of the Fire Dragon (1968)
Huang Feihong: The Eight Bandits (1968)
The Killing Sword (1968)
The White Dragon (1968)
Duel at the Supreme Gate (1968)
The Magic Whip (1968)
The Assasinator (1968)
Huang Feihong: The Duel Against the Black Rascal (1968)
Three Heroines Part 2 (1968)
The Dragon Fortress (1968)
The Saint (1968)
Flying Thief, White Flower (1968)
The Twin Swords (1969)
The Little Warrior (1969)
Two Sisters who Steal (1969)
Huang Feihong: The Conqueror of the 'Sam-hong Gang' (1969)
Mysterious Weapon (1969)
Heroic Tale of the Five Mountains (1969)
The Sword that Vanquished the Monster (1969)
Lightning Sword (1969)
Huang Feihong's Combat with the Five Wolves (1969)
Silver Kinif, Scarlet Blade (1969)
The One-eyed Loner (1969)
Three Encounters (1969)
The Virgin Sword (1969)
Sword of Emei (1969)
Supreme Sword (1969)
Huang Feihong in Sulphur Valley (1969)
The Invincible (1969)
The One-armed Magic Nun (1969)
The One in Yellow (1969)
Hooded Swordsman (1969)
Huang Fei Hong: Bravely Crushing the Fire Formation (1970)
The Mighty Couple (1971)
The Hurricane (1972)
Enter the Dragon (USA 1973)
The Inheritor of Kung Fu (1973)
Tiger's Claw (1974)
Wits to Wits (1974)
Rivals of Kung Fu (1974)
The Virgin Mart (1974)
Monkey Fist (1974)[also asst. action director]
The Big Family (1976)
The Prodigal Son (1976)
The Private Eyes (1976)
The Mysterious Heroes (1977)
The System (1979)
The Young Master (1980)
Lackey and the Lady Tiger (1980)
Ring of Death (1980)
Bruce - King of Kung Fu (1980)
Buddha's Palm (1982)
Hong Kong Playboys (1983)
A Friend from Inner Space (1984)
Hong Kong 1941 (1984)
Hong Kong Godfather (1985)
The Millionaire's Express (1986)
Aces Go Places 4 (1986)
Sweet Surrender (1986)
Goodbye My Hero (1986)
Magic Crystal (1986)
The First Vampire in China (1986)
Lady in Black (1987)
A Better Tomorrow III (1989)
Midnight Angel (1990)
Widow Warriors (1990)
Once Upon A Time A Hero In China (1992)
Hong Kong Adam's Family (1994)
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