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Tsui Tin-Yau
- actor - member of boy band Shine -
Tsui Tin-Yau in The Mummy, Aged 19 (2002) Tsui Tin-Yau in Glass Tears (2001)
  Tsui Tin-Yau (originally Tsui Man-Gin) was born on May 16, 1983. Discovered by director Fruit Chan while he was walking down the street one day, Tsui’s first gig was a commercial for lemon tea. Through the help of Chan and manager Amy Chin Siu-Wai, Tsui won parts in the films Glass Tears (2001) and Gimme Gimme (2001). For Glass Tears, Tsui received the opportunity to go to the Cannes Film Festival with the director and cast to promote the film. Soon after he signed with EMI and was partnered with Wong Yau-Nam to form the boy band Shine. Since then, the two have appeared together in The Mummy, Aged 19 (2002) and Summer Breeze of Love (2002). (Yinique 2003)
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
Little Cheung (2000)
Gimme Gimme (2001)
Glass Tears (2001)
Summer Breeze of Love (2002)
The Mummy, Aged 19 (2002)
Good Times, Bed Times (2003)
Sound of Colors (2003)
Fantasia (2004)
Himalaya Singh (2005)
AV (2005)
McDull, The Alumni (2006)
After This Our Exile (2006)
The Haunted School (2007)
Simply Actors (2007)
Who's Next (2007)
Magic Boy (2007)
La Lingerie (2008)
At the End of Daybreak (2009)
Love in a Puff (2010)
La Comédie Humaine (2010)
Mysterious Island (2011)
The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake (2011)
All's Well Ends Well 2012 (2012)
Kick Ass Girls (2013)
The Midnight After (2014)
Enthralled (2014)
Lazy Hazy Crazy (2015)
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