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Ronald Wong Ban
- actor - producer -
Wong Ban in God of Gamblers (1989) Wong Ban in God of Gamblers 2 (1990)
selected filmography
Owl vs. Dumbo (1984)[actor]
The Island (1985)[actor]
Silent Love (1986)[actor]
The Gang Don't Shoot Straight (1987)[actor]
People's Hero (1987)[actor]
As Tears Go By (1988)[actor]
Vengeance is Mine (1988)[actor]
Edge of Darkness (1988)[cameo]
The Bachelor's Swan-Song (1989)[actor]
Casino Raiders (1989)[actor]
Crocodile Hunter (1989)[actor]
God of Gamblers (1989)[actor]
Family Honor (1990)[actor]
God of Gamblers 2 (1990)[actor]
Horror School (1990)[actor]
Weakness of Man (1991)[actor]
The Ultimate Vampire (1991)[actor]
Thou Shalt Not Swear (1993)[actor]
Boys Are Easy (1993)[actor]
Angel Of The Road (1993)[actor]
Happy Together (1997)[2][actor]
Raped by an Angel 2: The Uniform Fan (1998)[actor]
Young and Dangerous 5 (1998)[actor]
Sex and Zen 3 (1998)[actor]
Chinese Erotic Ghost Story (1998)[actor][exec. producer]
The Demon's Baby (1998)[actor]
How to Get Rich by Fung Shui? (1998)[actor]
A Man Called Hero (1999)[actor]
My Loving Trouble 7 (1999)[production manager]
Infernal Affairs (2002)[production manager]
Infernal Affairs III (2003)[production manager]
Initial D (2005)[production manager]
Moonlight in Tokyo (2005)[production manager]
The Haunted School (2007)[co-producer]
A Mob Story (2007)[executive producer]
Undercover (2007)[executive producer]
Fate (2008)[executive producer]
Lady Cop & Papa Crook (2009)[executive producer]
Overheard (2009)[executive producer]
Once a Gangster (2010)[producer]
The Lost Bladesman (2011)[producer]
Overheard 2 (2011)[producer]
The Silent War (2012)[producer]
Overheard 3 (2014)[producer]
I Am Somebody (2015)[actor]
Extraordinary Mission (2017)[writer]
Project Gutenberg (2018)[producer]
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