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James Wong Jim
- actor - composer - writer - director -
James Wong in Love Paradox (2000) James Wong in Iron Monkey (1993) James Wong in Flirting Scholar (1993) James Wong in Visible Secret (2001)
selected filmography
Games Gamblers Play (1974)[actor]
The Paradise (1974)[writer/director]
Let's Rock (1975)[actor][writer/director]
My Wacky, Wacky World (1975)[actor]
Chinatown Kid (1977) [cameo][writer]
Disco Fever (1979) [actor]
Dancing Warrior (1985)[actor][composer]
Musical Singer (1985)[actor]
Peking Opera Blues (1986)[composer]
A Chinese Ghost Story (1987)[composer]
Just Heroes (1989)[actor][composer]
Mirage (1987)[composer]
Bet on Fire (1988)[composer]
The Diary of a Big Man (1988)[composer]
Double Fattiness (1988)[actor]
Fractured Follies (1988)[actor]
Fury (1988)[composer]
Into the Night (1988)[composer]
Keep on Dancing (1988)[actor]
Picture of a Nymph (1988)[composer]
Tiger on the Beat (1988)[actor]
Burning Sensation (1989)[actor]
Casino Raiders (1989)[composer]
City Squeeze (1989)[actor]
Mr. Sunshine (1989)[actor]
The Romancing Star 3 (1989)[actor][composer]
A Terracotta Warrior (1989)[composer]
Bullet in the Head (1990)[composer]
A Chinese Ghost Story 2 (1990)[composer]
Doctor Vampire (1990)[actor]
Once Upon a Time in China (1991)[composer]
Promising Miss Bowie (1990)[actor]
Swordsman (1990)[composer]
Tiger on the Beat 2 (1990)[actor]
The Wild Goose Chase (1990)[actor]
The Banquet (1991)[cameo]
A Chinese Ghost Story 3 (1991)[composer]
Fox Legend (1991)[composer]
Gambling Ghost (1991)[actor]
The Raid (1991)[composer]
Spiritual Trinity (1991)[composer]
Stooges in Tokyo (1991)[actor]
The Moon Warriors (1992)[composer]
Rich Man (1992)[actor]
Stooges In Hong Kong (1992)[actor]
Summer Lovers (1992)[actor]
Twin Dragons (1992)[actor]
Under The Rose (1992)[actor]
All's Well End's Well, Too (1993)[composer]
City Hunter (1993)[composer]
Crime Story (1993)[composer]
The Eagle Shooting Heroes (1993)[composer]
Flirting Scholar (1993)[actor]
Fong Sai-Yuk (1993)[composer]
Green Snake (1993)[composer]
Iron Monkey (1993)[actor]
Last Hero In China (1993)[composer]
Legend of The Liquid Sword (1993)[composer]
Master Wong vs. Master Wong (1993)[composer]
The Sword Stained with Royal Blood (1993)[composer]
The Laughter of the Water Margins (1993)[actor]
Best of Best (1994)[actor]
Deadful Melody (1994)[composer]
The Great Conqueror's Concubine (1994)[composer]
I Will Wait for You (1994)[actor]
It's a Wonderful Life (1994)[actor]
The Lovers (1994)[composer]
Return to a Better Tomorrow (1994)[actor]
Screwball '94 (1994)[actor]
Funny Business (1995)[actor]
My Father is a Hero (1995)[composer]
A Chinese Ghost Story: The Animated Film (1997)[actor]
The Mad Phoenix (1997)[actor]
Bishonen (1998)[actor]
Love Paradox (2000)[actor]
Visible Secret (2001)[actor]
In-Laws, Out-Laws (2004)[actor]
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