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Wilson Yip Wai-Shun
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- director - writer - actor -
Wilson Yip in Mighty Baby (2002)
selected filmography
Daze Raper (1995)[director]
01:00 AM (1995)[director]
Mongkok Story (1996)[director]
Midnight Zone (1997)[director][writer]
Teaching Sucks! (1997)[director][writer]
Bio-Zombie (1998)[director][writer]
Bullets Over Summer (1999)[director][writer]
Juliet in Love (2000)[director]
Skyline Cruisers (2000)[director]
2002 (2001)[director][writer]
Love Undercover (2002)[cameo]
Happy Family (2002)[cameo]
Dry Wood Fierce Fire (2002)[director]
Mighty Baby (2002)[actor]
The Runaway Pistol (2002)[actor]
The Mummy, Aged 19 (2002)[director]
Leaving Me Loving You (2004)[director][story]
And Also the Eclipse (2004)[actor]
The White Dragon (2004)[writer/director]
SPL (2005)[director]
Dragon Tiger Gate (2006)[director]
Simply Actors (2007)[actor]
Flash Point (2007)[director]
Ip Man (2008)[director]
All's Well End's Well Too 2010 (2010)[producer]
Ip Man 2 (2010)[director]
All's Well Ends Well 2011 (2011)[actor]
A Chinese Ghost Story (2011)[director]
Magic to Win (2011)[director]
Triumph in the Skies (2015)[director]
12 Golden Ducks (2015)[actor]
SPL 2: A Time for Consequences (2015)[producer]
Ip Man 3 (2015)[director]
League of Gods (2016)[producer]
Heartfall Arises (2016)[producer]
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