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Ronny Yu Yan-Tai
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- director - producer - writer -
selected filmography
The Extras (1978)[writer]
The Servant (1979)[writer/director]
The Saviour (1980) [writer/director]
The Postman Fights Back (1982)[director]
The Trail (1983)[writer/director]
The Occupant (1984)[director]
Mummy Dearest (1985)[director]
Legacy of Rage (1986)[director]
Bless this House (1988)[director]
Chicken and Duck Talk (1988)[producer]
The Blonde Fury (1989)[actor]
China White (1989)[director]
The Great Pretenders (1991)[director][editor]
Once Upon A Time A Hero In China (1992)[producer]
Shogun And Little Kitchen (1992)[director]
Summer Lovers (1992)[producer]
The Incorruptible (1993)[producer]
Laughter of the Water Margins (1993)[producer]
Master Wong vs. Master Wong (1993)[producer]
The Bride With White Hair (1993)[writer/director/producer]
The Bride with White Hair 2 (1993)[writer/producer]
All's Well End's Well, Too (1993)[producer]
Satin Steel (1994)[producer]
The Phantom Lover (1995)[writer/director]
Warriors of Virtue (1997)[director]
Bride of Chucky (1998)[director]
Formula 51 (2002)[director]
Freddy vs. Jason (2003)[director]
Fearless (2006)[director]
Saving General Yang (2013)[writer/director/producer]
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