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03:00 AM
Year: 1997  
Director: Andy Chin Wing-Keung  
Producer: Foo Jing-Wai  
Writer: Wong Ho-Wah  
Cast: Jordan Chan Siu-Chun, Cheung Tat-Ming, Theresa Lee Yi-Hung, Lee Kin-Yan, Joyce Chan Yin-Hang, Wong Gei-Ying, Spencer Lam Seung-Yi, Karen Tong Bo-Yu
The Skinny: After this review, I'm positive that nobody will attempt to seek out this film.
by Kozo:
     This mild horror comedy doesn't really scare as much as unnerve with creepy atmosphere, and even that isn't all that exciting. This sequel to the mild horror comedies 01:00 AM and 02:00 AM features the same structure and the same unimportant laughs. Basically there are three stories, each with various levels of haunting. However, in 03:00 AM, the ghosts are apparently of the easygoing variety. Harming human beings isn't even a factor here; basically, all the ghosts just need help in fulfilling little personal quests, and it's up a bunch of random people to help them out. Presumably, the principals of this film could have simply fallen asleep, and then the ghosts would have ceased to bother them. Starring Theresa Lee as a reporter and the amusing pair of Jordan Chan and Cheung Tat-Ming as pals. The title indicates that all the film's events happen at 3:00 AM. What it doesn't indicate is that 3:00 AM is also the uninteresting ghost hour. (Kozo 1997)
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