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All the Wrong Spies
Year: 1983
George Lam and Brigitte Lin
Director: Teddy Robin Kwan
Producer: Raymond Wong Bak-Ming
Cast: George Lam Chi-Cheung, Brigitte Lin Ching-Hsia, Teddy Robin, Tsui Hark, Paul Chun Pui, Walter Gerrard, Joe Junior, Leung Kit-Wah, Anders Nelsson, Lincoln Ko Kin, May Lo Mei-Mei, Shing Fui-On, Yip Ha-Lei, Sai Gwa-Paau, Sin Do-Lai
The Skinny: Entertaining spy comedy that exemplifies early eighties HK comedy.
by Kozo:
     Funny but uneven comedy from the braintrust that was Cinema City. Laughs and groans abound as diminutive entertainment maven Teddy Robin directs and stars in this World War 2 spy spoof. George Lam is Yoyo,a private detective who’s working for a wacky Chinese espionage organization. He’s enlisted by them to help a runaway Jew bearing the “Beast,” a code word for the secret to nuclear fusion. 
     Yoyo must get the secret to the Americans before the pursuing Nazis (of which there are two) get ahold of the formula. However, things are complicated by the presence of Fat Pig (Paul Chun), the HK police commissioner who is willing to sell out his country for big dough. He wants the formula so he can sell it to the Emperor of Japan, thereby giving them the upper hand in the war. However, he has Yoyo and Inspector Robin (director Teddy Robin) working towards snagging the formula. Also, Fat Pig has to worry about a female cat burglar (Brigitte Lin) who also happens to be an old flame of Yoyo’s AND Fat Pig’s current fiancé. 
     Yes, the situations are strained paper thin, but who cares? It’s all about the wackiness and there’s no stopping it. Parodies, wordplay, and nonsensical zaniness permeate this production. It would be unbearable if not for a few key factors, namely the production design and the actors. George Lam is a decent funnyman and Brigitte Lin has charisma to spare as the slinky double agent. Still, Teddy Robin can be annoying as all hell and he succeeds here. This isn’t a major achievement of any sort. It’s just wacky screwball shtick that wouldn’t stand a chance if it were released today. However, when viewed in retrospect it becomes a fun and zany little gem. (Kozo 1999)
Awards: Golden Horse Awards
• Best Director (Teddy Robin)
Availability: DVD (Hong Kong)
Region 0 NTSC
Mega Star/Media Asia
Cantonese and Mandarin Language Tracks
Dolby Digital 5.1
Removable English and Chinese Subtitles

image courtesy of Mega Star Video Distribution, Ltd. Copyright ©2002-2017 Ross Chen