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Deadly Dream Woman
Chinese: 女黑俠黃鶯  
Year: 1992
Director: Taylor Wong Tai-Loi
Producer: Wong Jing
Writer: Manfred Wong
Action: Yuen Cheung-Yan, Tony Leung Siu-Hung, Billy Pang Bei-Lei
Cast: Cheung Man, Jacky Cheung Hok-Yau, Chingmy Yau Suk-Ching, Ken Lo Wai-Kwong, Kwan Hoi-San, Lo Hoi-Pang
The Skinny: Interminable action-comedy with very little action and questionable comedy.
by Kozo:
Not too important or interesting comedy about Cheung Man, who plays a kick-butt superheroine who wears a mask and fights evildoers. Sadly, she loses her memory and is taken in by a kindly prostitute (Chingmy Yau) and the prostitute's boyfriend (Jacky Cheung, who made fifty movies in 1992). Hijinks ensue. Eventually, plot arrives in the form of Ken Lo, who offed her triad boss dad. Incensed (or mildly perturbed; it's hard to tell with Cheung Man), she resolves to lay waste to Lo and his band of ruffians. Minor action punctuates this otherwise interminable action-comedy which plods along until it mercifully ends. Fans of Cheung Man should dig her leading role, but this is hardly the vehicle to explore her talents. Directed by Taylor Wong, the genius behind Triads: The Inside Story. (Kozo 1996)
 Copyright 2002-2017 Ross Chen