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Everyday is Valentine
Year: 2001
Cecilia Cheung and Leon Lai in Macau.
Director: Wong Jing

Leon Lai Ming, Cecilia Cheung Pak-Chi, Cheung Tat-Ming, Natalie Ng Man-Yan, Pinky Cheung Man-Chi, Moses Chan Ho, Ng Man-Tat, Yuen King-Tan, Kristy Yeung Kung-Yu, Eric Kot Man-Fai, David Lee Seung-Man, Hui Siu-Hung, Matt Chow Hoi-Kwong, Lam Suet, Bak Ka-Sin, Chan On-Ying, Leung Oi, Zuki Lee Si-Pui, Siu Yee

The Skinny: If you must see a Wong Jing-directed romantic comedy starring Leon Lai and Cecilia Cheung, then this is your film! Otherwise, Everyday is Valentine kills time with the efficiency of a dull butter knife. While this is a harmless movie, there are better films out there.
by Kozo:

     Uninspired romantic comedy is the name of the game in this remarkably subdued effort from Wong Jing. Wong casts Leon Lai as OK, a serial liar who tells fibs to stay on top. He meets his match in Wonderful (Cecilia Cheung), an incredibly sweet and innocent girl who has yet to have her period. And we don't mean this month, we mean EVER. She is immediately enchanted by OK, but she has sworn never to love a man who lies to her. OK swears that he won't, and he doesn't - as far as she knows. In reality, he's spinning non-truths faster than Wong Jing churns out movies. Will this hamper their romance? Will you care?
     Caring about the romance in this film could tax even the most Leon Lai/Cecilia Cheung friendly, as the film really gives them nothing to do but sit around and look pretty. Chemistry, interplay and touching moments of onscreen affection - these things DO NOT occur in this film. You could fault Wong Jing for this, as his screenwriting has never been very coherent, logical or emotionally affecting. He's more of an idea guy, as in "Hey, this is a good idea!" or "How about this idea? I bet that would be a hoot!" Presumably, the cast and crew stop to listen to a man who has achieved untold commercial success in Hong Kong, though in hindsight not all those ideas were really very good.
     Everyday is Valentine works best in its offhand gags, recognizable supporting actors (including Ng Man-Tat, Kristy Yeung and Eric Kot), and fine locations. We get actual location footage from the Ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral in Macau, as well as a scenic trip to Tibet. Actresses Natalie Ng and Pinky Cheung turn in fine support, and the whole thing is so fluffy that it becomes harmless. Leon Lai and Cecilia Cheung aren't terribly interesting here, but at least they're not annoying. It sounds like I'm giving this film a genial "move along" signal because it didn't offend me; well, that's probably true. Everyday is Valentine is tolerable stuff, especially when you consider the more egregious parts of Wong Jing's filmography. That isn't a recommendation, though. (Kozo 2001)

Availability: DVD (Hong Kong)
Region 0 NTSC
Universe Laser
Cantonese and Mandarin Language Tracks
Dolby Digital 5.1
Removable English and Chinese Subtitles

image courtesy of Copyright 2002-2017 Ross Chen