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Feeling of Love
Year: 1996 "If I ignore her, she'll stop staring at me."
Takeshi Kaneshiro and Athena Chu
Director: Chiu Yen-Ping
Cast: Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tommy So Yau-Pan, Athena Chu-Yan, Law Bak-Gut
The Skinny: A motion sickness bag would be helpful while watching this terrible cinematic regurgitation from Chiu Yen-Ping.
by Kozo:
     Takeshi Kaneshiro is a romantic waiting for his perfect woman. Then Athena Chu walks into his life as his new step sister. Sparks fly. 
     Sadly, that three sentence synopsis is better than the putrid carcass of puerile distaste emanating from the twisted brain of Taiwan’s Wong Jing, the ever-obnoxious Chiu Yen-Ping. Clever visual gags are separated by about forty-five minutes. Sadly, the movie is ninety minutes long. The two leads are attractive enough, but they can’t save an obviously shallow script. 
     What’s more, the film is cheaply made to the point of distraction. There were obvious re-shoots where Kaneshiro clearly has a different hairstyle from the rest of the film, and the already nonsensical script becomes even more illogical. The only other star, teen idol Tommy So Yau-Pan, is patently uninteresting. I love Chungking Express references, but the few that Chiu Yen-Ping includes come off as cloying and unnecessary. Where’s Wong Jing when you need him? 
     I usually say that a moment or two of charm can save a picture. Not this one. And hey, the music is stolen from Ladyhawke. Has this man no shame? I can rant about this movie endlessly! (Kozo 1996)
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