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Now You See Love, Now You Don't
Year: 1992 "When I woke up my hair was like this."
Chow Yun-Fat has a bad hair day
Director: Alex Law Kai-Yu
Producer: Alex Law Kai-Yui, Mabel Cheung Yuen-Ting
Cast: Chow Yun-Fat, Carol "DoDo" Cheng Yu-Ling, Teresa Mo Sun-Kwan, Carina Lau Ka-Ling, Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Chan Fai-Hung, Terence Chang, Yu Li, Irene Wan Pik-Ha, Lowell Lo, Bowie Lam Bo-Yi, Dennis Chan Kwok-San, Richard Ng Yil-Hon, Paul Fonoroff, Philip Chan Yan-Kin, Peter Lai Bei-Tak, David Wu Dai-Wai
The Skinny: A fine romantic comedy and one of Chow Yun-Fat's best non-action roles.
by Kozo:
     For fans of Chow Yun-Fat, this popular New Year’s Comedy is a definite change of pace from his usual two-gun theatrics. Chow plays the uncouth headman of a rural HK village who possesses a really laughable hairstyle. When his fiancée Firefly Kwok (Carol Cheng) returns from studying in England, she’s become a punk hipster much to Chow’s dismay. He loses her to the big city (Hong Kong) after he blows a fuse over her radical change. However, he soon decides to follow her in an effort to win her back. In the process, he opens a new business, finds a new girlfriend (Carina Lau), and generally becomes a better man.
     This romantic comedy from Alex Law and Mabel Cheung is a surprisingly low-key effort that’s free of the usual zany Hong Kong antics. What remains is a well-acted, textured romantic comedy that leaves a lot unsaid. Chow is in his usual top form, and Carol Cheng does a good job as the hot-tempered Firefly. An entertaining and enjoyable little film. (Kozo 1997)

image courtesy of Golden Princess Copyright ©2002-2017 Ross Chen