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Oh! My Three Guys
Year: 1994 "I think I'll have the fish!"
Lau Ching-Wan, Eric Kot and Dayo Wong
Director: Derek Chiu Sung-Kei
Producer: Charine Chan Ka-Ling
Writer: Raymond To Kwok-Wai
Cast: Lau Ching-Wan, Dayo Wong Chi-Wah, Eric Kot Man-Fai, Wu Chien-Lien, Charine Chan Ka-Ling, Kenneth Chan Kai-Tai, Chik King-Man, Simon Lui Yu-Yeung, Anthony Wong Chau-Sang (cameo)
The Skinny: Well-meaning drama/comedy about homosexuals in Hong Kong is an interesting exercise, but also a bizarre and uneven one.
by Kozo:
     Bizarre yet interesting dramedy about three homosexual guys and the problems that creates in a nineties HK world. In order: Lau Ching-Wan hides his sexuality at work, but his new colleague (the radiant Wu Chien-Lien) has the hots for him. Thankless screenwriter Dayo Wong canít let go of his boyfriend, all the while enduring hell at work. Finally, professional extra Eric Kot contracts aids, and nonetheless displays spunk that could annoy Buddha. 
     This film attempts sensitivity towards homosexuals, though it tends to be somewhat obligatory in its blanket view of the gay community. The issue of homosexuality is explored in a context of everyday life, giving the comedy and drama added weight. Still, the film contains the "straightening out" plot device, which is far too prevalent in Hong Kong films dealing with homosexuality. It's actually implemented better here than in most HK flicks, yet it still smacks of heterosexual wish fulfillment. 
     The acting is a mixed bag. Lau Ching-Wan deserves credit for not overdoing his character and Wu Chien-Lien is at her most engaging. The problem here is Eric Kot. His final moments are affecting, but his first act shenanigans could task even the most hardened Hong Kong film fan. This is an interesting film with bizarre music and noble intentions, but it may elicit more puzzlement than actual satisfaction. Raymond To loves to tackle hot button topics of the day. I salute his daring, but whether or not he's successful is another story entirely. (Kozo 1996)

image courtesy of Universe Laser & Video Co., Ltd.

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