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Super Energetic Man
Year: 1998
Director: East Island Long Eyebrow
Cast: Edmond Leung Hon-Man, Gigi Lai Chi, Tsui Kam-Kong, Law Kar-Ying, Lai Yiu-Cheung, Teresa Mak Ka-Kei
The Skinny: This film is the HK version of Popeye, which should be cast into the depths of hell, never to be heard from again. We can only hope.
by Kozo:
     Allen Smithee directs a Hong Kong film! Fab director East Island Long Eyebrow is actually a pseudonym for someone who wisely took their name off this travesty. This HK version of the Popeye cartoon is cheesy, cheap, and full of nothing but bad gags and poor comedy.
     Edmond Leung is On Do Do, who should be Popeye, but the US lawyers were all over the filmmakers before they could release this thing. He eats Fairy Weed, giving him enlarged forearms and great strength. Lychee (Gigi Lai) is the Olive Oyl stand-in and Captain Lorento (Tsui Kam-Kong) is Bluto.
     “It’s supposed to be that way” is the defense you could muster for this odious piece of trash. Sadly, it isn’t enough to save it. This is just a terrible movie, and there really is nothing else you can say about it. Further making this film unwatchable are the lame subplots including Lau Yiu-Cheung macking on Teresa Mak Ka-Kei, and Law Kar-Ying tailing Lychee. This is plain old bad HK movie that was probably meant to appeal to kids—and I'm not a kid. Still, Babe was a kids movie and it appealed to adults, too. And hey, Super Energetic Man is rated IIA, which means no kids. Who exactly was supposed to watch this garbage? (Kozo 1998)
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