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Year: 1994
Yau Chau-Yuet and Valerie Chow
Director: Teddy Chan Tak-Sum
Producer: Peter Chan Ho-Sun
Writer: James Yuen Sai-Sang
Cast: Valerie Chow Kar-Ling, Moses Chan Ho, Farini Chang, Jordan Chan Siu-Chun, Yau Chau-Yuet, Bak Ka-Sin, Tsui Wai-Ying, Cheung Hok-Yun, Yip Hon-Leung, Lebon Cheung Hung-On, Kenneth Bi
The Skinny: UFO-type youth drama with Category III sex and nudity. While occasionally sensitive and telling, the film is also obligatory and even manufactured. Entertaining, but questionably deep.
by Kozo:
     Generation X comedy/drama from the United Filmmakers Organization that follows a group of HK "Friends," as they go through their superficial, one-night-stand lives trying to find happiness, meaning, etc. Think St. Elmo's Fire in Hong Kong, only with less pretty actors and some actual murky morality. This flick is notable for the Category III rating, which is intended to create a "realism" about the disaffected lives of the characters. The sex, while occasionally gratuitous, isn't sleazy or disturbing, and there is a genuine feeling to the situations that occur.
     At the same time, there are also many moments of soul searching and undue personal epiphany. Much of the latter takes place in staged "interview" segments that play like "The Real World" on MTV. Ostensibly, the segments should show a sense of perspective or change, and they do. Those segments also verbalize waaay too much. The result is typical UFO: intelligent, but sometimes a bit too overdone in it's attempt to create "meaning". Still, the varied depictions of the characters is welcome. Some change, some don't, and others just go on. This is a film that's worth seeing for those who care about this sort of thing, but it in no way rates as essential, must-see viewing. Nice try, though. (Kozo 1996/1998)
Awards: 14th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards
• Winner - Best Supporting Actor (Jordan Chan Siu-Chun)
• Nomination - Best Screenplay (James Yuen Sai-Sang)
• Nomination - Best New Artist (Jordan Chan Siu-Chun)
• Nomination - Best Song ("Yuen", performed by Sandy Lam Yik-Lin)
Availability: DVD (Hong Kong)
Region 0 NTSC
Mei Ah Laser
Cantonese and Mandarin language tracks
English and Chinese subtitles
 Copyright 2002-2017 Ross Chen