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Whatever Will Be, Will Be
Year: 1997  
Director: Barry Chu Wai-Kwong  
Cast: Michael Tse Tin-Wah, Teresa Mak Ka-Kei, Wong Ha-Wai, Ho Kai-Nam, Chan Pui-San, Ha Shiu-Sing, Cheung Hung-On, Law San-Wing
The Skinny: Apparently, I was bored back in 1997.
by Kozo:

     Another film titled Whatever Will Be, Will Be, except this one has no popstars and no big-eared kids. This strictly average Category 3 drama is a pitch-black Feel 100% movie. The plot loosely follows a bunch of twenty-something Hongkies as they flirt, take drugs, and enter into all sorts of incorrect sexual encounters. Michael Tse and Teresa Mak are the biggest names here, and it's no surprise that they're usually supporting actors. Lines are recited, scenes are staged, and the audience sleeps. Occasionally something interesting happens, but it's usually an illustration of a Gen-X hot-button topic. And besides, the film lacks likable characters and any semblance of interest. If the film has a point, it's this: life as a nineties HK youth really kinda bites. If that's a message you need imparted, then this is your movie. Otherwise, there's nothing to write home about here. A soggy dishrag might be more interesting. (Kozo 1997)

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