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Love and Sex Among the Ruins
Year: 1996 "I knew I sholudn't have eaten at Taco Bell!"
Dayo Wong and Ada Choi
Director: Cheung Chi-Sing
Producer: Joe Ma Wai-Ho
Cast: Dayo Wong Chi-Wah, Cheung Tat-Ming, Ada Choi Siu-Fun, Liz Kong Hei-Man, Pauline Suen Kai-Kwan, Vincent Kok Tak-Chiu, Lee Lik-Chee, Lam Chiu-Wing
The Skinny: Bizarre but intriguing comedy-drama that explores human sexuality with a spirit most films lack. Ada Choi is terrific as Billie, the lesbian bar owner.
by Kozo:
     Intriguing entry in that other 1996 genre bonanza (besides triad movies), the drama/comedy about life, love, sex, and all that jazz. Dayo Wong is Man Cheung, an impotent cab driver who vacations on Nam Ar Island with his ideal love, a pretty club girl named Man (Liz Kong). Unfortunately, she has her newly immigrated husband Tung (a wacky Cheung Tat-Ming) along for the ride. Even worse, Dayo ends up in the employment of a sexy bar owner named Billie (Ada Choi), who turns out to be Manís lesbian lover. Thatís okay with Tung, though, because heís a free-thinking artist who wants to get Billie in the sack, and heís even got an eye on Man Cheung for some experimentation ďon the other side of the fence.Ē And, Man Cheung still canít get it up.
     Dayo Wong is likable as Man Cheung, but itís Ada Choi who grabs the attention. She proves she has greater range than the cute, sexy ditz she played in The Golden Girls. Sadly, Liz Kong is uninteresting and Pauline Suen has nothing to work with. Her role as Man Cheung's helpful angel is underwritten and one-dimensional. A bit stranger than itís closest counterpart, Feel 100%, this film is also less charming and affable. Still, it has some definite merit. It takes its themes of sexuality and friendship farther than most films have. This is an interesting film and worth a look if youíre into this sort of thing. The title is a variation on an old Katharine Hepburn flick. (Kozo 1996)

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