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dated 6-1-2005

In June 2005, began taking on banner advertising. In theory, this means that the site may actually turn a profit, though we won't really know until 3-4 months from now.

What is true, however, is that much of what's written below is outdated. We're leaving it up because it might actually still prove amusing, and we'll likely reset this page once we're more sure of's financial future.

For now, however, we're doing okay.

Older content:

Who pays for it and why is a non-profit organization consisting of about four people. As such, the site is funded by the pocketbook of the Webmaster and whatever outside support he receives.

Outside support has consisted of piecemeal charitable donations, in the form of straight money, affiliate purchases or even time and/or materials. Why do these people support the site? Well, presumably they like what the site has to offer, and would like to see it continue on. Or maybe they didn't realize they were helping out the site, but did it anyway.

The individuals who have sponsored or continue to sponsor the site can be found on the sponsor page, located here.

Why ask for support?
Asking for support for was not an initial goal in getting this site started, but times have changed. What once was a $5 per month hosting charge has ballooned thanks to increased site size, bandwidth usage and other assorted costs.

Our ultimate hope is to have the site pay for itself. In a perfect world, enough support would come in via donation and affiliate DVD purchases to cover webhosting, the ezboard forum, and site maintenance and improvements. It would also be nice if some of the film review costs and the Webmaster's time were covered too, but that may be a bit too much wishful thinking. Still, every bit helps.

The standard support method is the affiliate click-through with, which is explained in the column on the right. As it works, gets a small cut of whatever purchases are made on the affiliate site, provided that the buyer actually enters their site from this one and purchases from them - all in one session.

Donations through a PayPal link are also welcome, though the Webmaster would prefer that sponsors get something in return. If you wish to donate to the site, use the below link:

Alternate methods of support
Hire the Webmaster! That's right: if you give him a job then he can get paid AND continue to run In a perfect world, I could get paid for running this site, but last time I checked the world was far from perfect. I like the trees, though.

Some readers have actually donated review materials, i.e. DVDs and VCDs as a way of helping out the site.

Comments and compliments are another way to support this site. While the tangible benefit of such support is questionable, the power of positive reinforcement is nevertheless a force to be reckoned with. To say hi, click here.

If you owe the Webmaster money, pay him back! Amazingly, this will help the web site.

The Webmaster also does personal appearances, though he would probably question the sanity of anyone making such a request.

To view the Webmaster's resume, click here.

The Mighty Readers of's greatest ever means of support came in March of 2004. Saddled with mounting bandwidth costs, the site ran a Pledge Drive asking its readers for some support. The responses they gave were greatly appreciated.

To read about the Pledge Drive, go here. The results were discussed here. partnered with the largest Asian entertainment retailer on the web,, in May of 2004. Purchases made through any of the affiliate links on result in a portion of proceeds going to help support this site.

In July of 2004, that partnership was expanded to an unprecedented level. As such, we urge readers to consider purchasing at YesAsia because really, it does help keep alive. We could not be more serious when we say this.

Any feedback or questions regarding these matters can be directed to the Webmaster here.

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