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LoveEkinCheng.com Talks to the Man on the Street
How do you feel about Ekin Cheng?
"Hee hee. Ekin's so fun! I like Ekin a lot. He reminds me of Momma. Once I saw Ekin at Ocean Park. He told me he loves bacon." - McDull
"Ekin makes me feel all icky..." - Shu Qi
"Bah! These young idols are all crap! In my day, guys like me, Stanley Fung and Richard Ng were box-office superstars! We had women crawling all over us! Ekin couldn't hold my jock!" - John Sham
"Ekin's my pal. We've been in a million movies together! My only regret was I couldn't be in Storm Riders. For some reason, there was a conflict. Maybe I was doing that game show with Eric Tsang. I don't know." - Jerry Lamb Hiu-Fung
"Ever since he saved my life in the war, I've been forced to cast Ekin in all my movies! I wanted to cast Jerry Lamb Hiu-Fung as Wind, but noooooo, Ekin wouldn't let me! Now I'm embarassed to even look at Storm Riders!" - Andrew Lau
"This is my impression of Ekin Cheng. You can hardly tell the difference, can you?"
- Stephen Chow
"Working with Ekin is a joy because he always makes you look good. Michael Wong also makes you look good. In fact, I think everyone's acting looks better when they work with Ekin or Mike. I wonder why that is?" - Kristy Yeung
"I could kick Ekin's ass! I still owe him payback for that scene in Young and Dangerous. Hey, those plastic stools hurt. I've got a 'Big Sillyhead' special with his name on it!" - Shing Fui-On
"When I see Ekin Cheng, I think an older Edison Chen. Both those boys have so much talent that it astounds me. I actually wanted Ekin for Li Mu-Bai in Crouching Tiger, but Ang Lee threw a fit. He's such a prima donna." - Michelle Yeoh
"During the making of Tokyo Raiders, Ekin was such a practical joker. Once he set my hair on fire and called me 'Michael Jackson'. I had to wear a wig for six months, but it was so funny that I didn't mind." - Kelly Chen
"You want me to talk about Ekin? Oh god, no! Now you've done it! Everytime I think about Ekin, I can't stop laughing! No, this has nothing to do with his sexual prowess!" - Miriam Yeung
"Well...he's all right. I hardly know him, so I can't really say." - Gigi Leung
LoveHKFilm.com: what's up with that?
"Everytime I think of LoveHKFilm.com, I feel like kicking some ass! Boy, those reviewers piss me off!" - Joey Yung
"LoveHKFilm.com reviews a lot of different films. They even review my movies, which is really surprising. Even my family doesn't watch my movies." - Pinky Cheung
"There's a serious problem with a web site like LoveHKFilm.com. They attempt to legitimize their form of yellow journalism as 'tongue-in-cheek' or 'all in good fun.' It makes me so angry I could piss flames." - Vincent Kok Tak-Chiu
"LoveHKFilm? Yeah, I love HK film. Of course I love it; after all, I'm in a hell of a lot of it. Web site? What's a web site? Why must you confuse me? I'm not as young as I used to be!"
- Kenny Bee
"It's really sweet that the Webmaster of LoveHKFilm.com likes me so much. I've always thought so—that is, until I had to file the restraining order."
- Sammi Cheng
"I know Kozo likes my woman...er, I mean...my rumored girlfriend. No, I'm not dating anyone. I only want to talk about my career! Oh, shut up! Screw you, reporters!"
- Andy Hui
"Auuuughh! Why did you have to mention LoveHKFilm.com? They give me a headache! I've been getting headaches ever since I heard about LoveHKFilm.com! Why won't they leave me be!" - Karen Mok
"Why do you ask me about LoveHKFilm.com? I've tried to forget that name ever since I first heard of it! It really displeases me! Let's talk about something more pleasant, like lyme disease." - Yuen King-Tan
"I don't like LoveHKFilm.com. I don't like Kozo. I declare them both members of the 'Axis of Evil.'" - George W. Bush
"Leave me alone! I'm not anorexic! And no, this is not my Leona Helmsley impression!!" - Cecilia Cheung
"LoveHKFilm.com makes me so angry, I could make this face for hours! It's because of them that nobody respects my work in Partners!" - Eric Tsang
"I've read some of the reviews on LoveHKFilm.com, and they hate everything! At least they always say I'm beautiful, but come on! Tell me something I don't know!"
- Michelle Reis
"LoveHKFilm.com is such a terrific website. They're so well-informed and unbiased. They have a great respect for Hong Kong Cinema and everybody involved in it. No, I've never actually visited the site." - Michael Wong
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