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Jacob Cheung Chi-Leung
- director - producer - writer - actor -
Jacob Cheung in He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father (1993) Jacob Cheung in In the Heat of Summer (1994)
selected filmography
The Final Test (1987)[actor]
Last Eunuch in China (1988)[director]
Beyond the Sunset (1989)[writer/director]
Goodbye Hero (1990)[director/producer]
Lover's Tear (1991)[writer/director]
This Thing Called Love (1991)[producer]
Cageman (1992)[director/producer]
Twin Dragons (1992)[actor]
Always On My Mind (1993)[actor][director]
C'est La Vie, Mon Cheri (1993)[actor]
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father (1993)[actor]
Give and Take (1994)[producer]
He and She (1994)[actor]
Midnight Revenge (1994)[producer]
Mr. Sardine (1994)[producer]
Sparkling Fox (1994)[producer]
Back to Back, Face to Face (1994)[producer]
I've Got You, Babe! (1994)[producer]
In the Heat of Summer (1994)[cameo]
The Returning (1994)[writer/director]
Hong Kong Graffiti (1995)[actor]
Signal Left, Turn Right (1995)[producer]
Whenever Will Be, Will Be (1995)[director/producer]
Intimates (1997)[director/producer]
My Dad is a Jerk (1997)[actor]
Yesterday You, Yesterday Me (1997)[director/producer]
The Kid (1999)[director]
From Ashes to Ashes (2000)[producer]
Never Say Goodbye (2001)[producer]
Midnight Fly (2001)[director/producer]
A Battle of Wits (2006)[writer/director/producer]
Ticket (2008)[director][writer]
All About Women (2008)[actor]
Rest On Your Shoulder (2011)[writer/director/producer]
The Silent War (2012)[actor]
Christmas Rose (2013)[producer]
The White-Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom (2014)[director][writer]
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