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Bruce Law Lai-Yin
- action director - director - actor -
Bruce Law Lai-Yin
selected filmography
(actor unless otherwise noted)
Gunmen (1988)[action]
My Wife's Lover (1992)[action]
Project S (1993)[actor]
The Final Option (1994)[action]
In the Heat of Summer (1994)[action]
Rock 'n Roll Cop (1994)[action]
Whatever You Want (1994)[action]
High Risk (1995)[action]
Dream Lover (1995)[actor]
Full Throttle (1995)[action]
Thunderbolt (1995)[actor]
First Option (1996)[action]
Another Chinese Cop (1996)[action]
Armageddon (1997)[action]
Walk In (1997)[action]
Extreme Crisis (1998)[director][action]
King of Comedy (1999)[action]
The Conmen in Vegas (1999)[action]
Never Compromise (1999)[actor]
The Legend of Speed (1999)[action]
Help!!! (2000)[action]
Love On a Diet (2001)[art director]
Psychedelic Cop (2002)[V][action]
On the Edge (2006)[action]
Flash Point (2007)[car stunts]
Ocean Flame (2008)[action]
The Beast Stalker (2008)[car stunts]
The First 7th Night (2008)[action]
Rebellion (2009)[car stunts]
The Warring States (2011)[action]
CZ12 (2012)[car stunts]
Special ID (2013)[car stunts]
Police Story 2013 (2013)[action]
No Man's Land (2013)[action]
Kung Fu Jungle (2014)[actor]
The Crossing I (2014)[action]
Gone with the Bullets (2014)[action]
Saving Mr. Wu (2015)[car stunts]
The Dead End (2015)[action]
The Big Lie Bang (2016)[action]
The Bodyguard (2016)[1][action]
S Storm (2016)[action]
Kung Fu Yoga (2017)[car stunts]
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