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Last Site Update: March 4th, 2014

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(Update: 4-14-2014)
last one standing at
the 33rd Hong Kong
Film Awards

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More movies in April
March is a bit quiet for Hong Kong films, with mostly Taiwan and China films seeing release. Notable exceptions include Law Wing-Cheong action film The Wrath of Vajra on 3/6 and Lee Chi-Ngai caper comedy Horseplay on 3/27. The field widens in April with Fruit Chan's The Midnight After and Chip Tsao's Enthralled on 4/10, plus three films on 4/17: Dante Lam's That Demon Within, Lee Kung-Lok's 3D Naked Ambition and Patrick Kong's Delete My Love. On 4/24, DOONNNNNIEEEEE returns to the screen with 3D Iceman. Our cup runneth over in April.

As usual, release dates may change. If that happens, please shoot someone other than the messenger.

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News, Notes and Nonsense

Updated January 28, 2014


Four for Lunar New Year
The Chinese Movie Gods smile upon us this year with four pretty huge Lunar New Year releases, starting with super nostalgia bait From Vegas to Macau, a Wong Jing gambling film starring Chow Yun-Fat in his first Cantonese-speaking role in ages. Chow also appears in the Donnie Yen 3D CGI orgy The Monkey King. Donnie makes a cameo in threequel Golden Chickensss, with Sandra Ng reprising one of her most famous roles. Sandra also pulls double duty in the Pegasus Films laffer Hello Babies. Probably somebody in Hello Babies also appears in From Vegas to Macau, but we're not entirely sure who. We'll let you know ASAP.

We'll post up reviews of all these films in another month! Maybe.

  Previous Updates

NEW for April 14, 2014
- Added the Winners of the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards.

NEW for March 4, 2014
- Added reviews of From Vegas to Macau (2014), The Monkey King (2014), Hello Babies (2014), Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (2014), As the Light Goes Out (2013), Police Story 2013 (2013), Personal Tailor (2013), Kick Ass Girls (2013) and The Stolen Years (2013).

NEW for January 28, 2014
- Added reviews of Firestorm (2013), The White Storm (2013), The Four 2 (2013), Lan Kwai Fong 3 (2013), Rigor Mortis (2013), My Lucky Star (2013), Hardcore Comedy (2013) and Demon in the Mountain (2012).

- Added the Results of the 20th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards.

NEW for December 27, 2013
- Added reviews of Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon (2013), The Constable (2013), Silent Witness (2013), The Best Plan is No Plan (2013), Baby Blues (2013) and The Midas Touch (2013).

NEW for December 02, 2013
- Added reviews of Special ID (2013), A Secret Between Us (2013), Tiny Times 2.0 (2013), Out of Inferno (2013), Tales From the Dark 2 (2013), The Rooftop (2013) and The Incredible Truth (2013).

- Added the Winners of the 50th Golden Horse Awards.

Featured Review

Chow Yun-Fat

From Vegas to Macau
Wong Jing brings back the gambling film with From Vegas to Macau, and he’s got the biggest and best star possible: Chow Yun-Fat. The man who played Ko Chun in the God of Gamblers films returns to the gaming tables for this Lunar New Year release, but his super-expensive presence is only possible with a bigger budget and China co-production status. Also, to appease the mainland market, Vegas requires content adjustments that make it different from genre classics like God of Gamblers. But given Chow Yun-Fat’s performance, the tradeoff is well worth the price. In Vegas Chow speaks his native Cantonese from beginning to end, plus he cuts loose in that playful, charming and inimitable Chow way – a sight that hasn’t been seen since Jeff Lau’s Treasure Hunt a full twenty years ago. As a consistent film experience, From Vegas to Macau doesn’t measure up, but the nostalgia factor goes a long way in making up for the shortcomings. Basically, From Vegas to Macau is review proof, and only your most vociferous Hong Kong film hater will go home completely unhappy. (more)


Newest Reviews  
Furries everywhere!
The Monkey King
Costing a pretty penny and delayed multiple times, Soi Cheang’s The Monkey King broke box office records upon its eventual release... (more)
Diaper disaster
Hello Babies
Over the past four Lunar New Year holidays, producer Raymond Wong and his team... (more)
Frat Boys in China
Once Upon a Time in Shanghai
Martial artist and longtime supporting player Philip Ng Won-Lung earns a starring role in Once Upon a Time in Shanghai... (more)
I missed Police Story 5 through 2012
Police Story 2013
The title of Ding Sheng’s Police Story 2013 is somewhat disingenuous. True, Jackie Chan stars as a policeman... (more)
John Woo-lite
The White Storm
Benny Chan does John Woo for The White Storm, a modern-day actioner infused with copious amounts of bullets, brotherhood and bromance. (more)
Smoke is bad
As the Light Goes Out
Bromance and bombast abound in As the Light Goes Out, the big-budget firefighter flick from director Derek Kwok.  (more)
Three-button is so yesterday
Personal Tailor
Feng Xiaogang earns hipster cred if not ruling class approval with Personal Tailor, a virtually plotless comedy... (more)
His hair is indestructible

It’s got problems, but Firestorm has a wow factor few Hong Kong movies can claim. (more)

The movie is weak sauce, though
Kick Ass Girls
Hong Kong Cinema has a long history of fighting female films... (more)
Those years? You can keep them.
The Stolen Years
Ultraviolent movies have fans, so can’t ultra-melodramatic movies have fans too?  (more)

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