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Voting now open for the Best Hong Kong Films of the 2010s. Yep, we’re doing this again.

Hey, long time no see! Life in Hong Kong is pretty keen. It’s like this every weekend right now:

“The things I go through to buy toys around here!”
photo credit: Truth Media Hong Kong

Fun fact: I buy Lego at the shopping mall in the backgorund.

Anyway, ten years ago, LoveHKFilm published this:

The Best Hong Kong Films of the 2000s

That feature on the Damn You Kozo blog turned out to be the most popular thing this site ever did – yes, even more popular than our review of SEX AND CHOPSTICKS. I ultimately ran the feature into the ground, following it with Best 90s Movies and Best 80s Movies reader votes. In early 2013, we ran the Best Hong Kong Movies Ever reader vote, complemented by a Best Hong Kong Film Performances Ever list. Then I stopped updating the blog and, five years later, the website too. That’s it. The end. Finito.

That is, until today, because we’re going to be doing this all over again. Not add reviews to the website (it’s going to be a while before that happens again); we’re going to run a reader vote for the Best Hong Kong Films of the 2010s. Yes, despite not reviewing anything after the year 2016, this website is going to claim the authority to oversee a poll anointing the best Hong Kong films of the past decade. I really have no shame.

“He has no shame? Man, the nerve of this guy!
You’re talking to THE expert of having no shame!”

As usual, this is a list of popular films, a.k.a. films that people actually watched, so despite cinema like KICK ASS GIRLS being eligible for these awards, it’s doubtful that it’ll ever place. This is a poll where people can vote for the movies they actually enjoyed, and if you didn’t see a majority or even 50 of these films, that’s OK. The only thing Iask is that not all the films on your list star Donnie Yen, Shawn Yue, or either/or of the Twins. Seriously, add some fiber to your movie diet, like maybe a screening of THE DRUNKARD.

“That’s enough, Gillian. I’ve carried you for almost two decades.”

So yeah, if your list is all Yon Fan or Barbara Wong movies, that would be concerning. Likewise, if all your movies are directed by Patrick Kong or star Wong Cho-lam, you need more than just a new Netflix queue – you could use a whole re-evaluation of your ability to appreciate cinema.

Granted, you could probably justify a list with 10 Louis Koo movies because the guy appeared in 90% of anything anyone saw. So yeah, go ahead and vote for your faves, even if STRAWBERRY CLIFF is one of them.

“You know my name.”

Besides the last ten years being the Decade of the Tanned One™, it’s hard to say what or who else made an impact. Sure, Donnie Yen went supernova after years of hovering near the A-list, but the 2010s were more notable for who/what fell instead of who/what gained ground. Great directors and actors worked less, output dropped, and new stars and filmmakers barely registered. Besides consistent output from veteran filmmakers (Tsui Hark and Ann Hui among them), it’s honestly become harder to identify the standout films. This past decade did not have an INFERNAL AFFAIRS or a CHUNGKING EXPRESS. I’m curious to see what’ll actually make the Top Ten.

There was one movie, however, that’s guaranteed to place Top 3 if not take the top spot. You know what it is:

Explosive feces: Truly the cinema high point of the decade.

I’m kidding of course. I do have an actual film in mind but I’d rather not prejudice matters by mentioning it here. It’s obviously not ICEMAN 3D. Or SWITCH.

Right now, I don’t know if this will be a list of 25, 50 or 100 films. It all depends on how many people vote. The previous Best Films of the 2000s list was originally 25 films but got expanded to 50 after a surprising turnout. The best case scenario is probably something like 75-125 people voting. We’ll see what happens, but the last thing I want is for films to make it to the Top 50 because one person voted for it. I already have nightmares about THE BEST PLAN IS NO PLAN somehow making it to Number 46.

So let’s just jump into this damn thing and add another reader vote to the pile. Will this be the last one that does? I refuse to confirm or deny any plans to create further reader votes, but if participation is good, maybe we can have another one in another few years. So tell your friends on your favorite social media platform of choice to join the vote! Just make sure they actually like Hong Kong movies, or you’ll probably lose some friends.

And no, they can’t vote for PARASITE. That’s Korean.

“Hello Hong Kong Cinema, this is Korean Cinema
poking you in the face!”

So here we go: the rules. Yeah, sorry, there are rules. This isn’t some lawless land where you can do and say whatever you want with absolutely no consequences like in American politics. No, you actually have to *gasp* read instructions and follow along.


The vote starts RIGHT NOW. Really, it just started. You’re wasting time by not voting right away.

The vote ends on March 6th, 2020. Why March 6th? Well, I figure people could use a few weeks to catch up on a film or two, plus I’m going on a business trip in early March, so I won’t be able to look at the final vote tally until afterwards, anyway. I could push the deadline if necessary, but right now I think I’ll stick with it.

As for publishing the results, well, I have absolutely no timeline for that. Logically, I’d like to get it all done by April or May but I think the chances of my wife and I having a third child are greater than that happening. And the performance of our second child has pretty much ended our desire to have a third. This is the same reason why there is no STORM RIDERS 3.

“Are you done with the rules yet?
Because I’m only pretending to pay attention.”

OK, time for some vaguely recycled content a.k.a. the official rules for voting.


1. Use the Contact Form to send us a list of your Best Hong Kong Films of the 2010s.

2. You may list either 10 or 20 films* on your vote, and rank them with #1 being the top-rated film and #10 or #20 being the worst of the bunch.

*As in previous votes, you can vote for either 10 or 20 movies. Please note that this WILL make a difference for the points that your films get. If you vote for only 10 films, then #1 gets 10 points, #2 gets 9 points, and so on. However, if you vote for 20 films, then #1 gets 10 points and #2 gets 9.5 points, with #20 finally getting a miniscule 0.5 points. Voting for 20 films means 1/2 point steps between each film, as opposed to the 1 point step between each film that you would get when voting for 10 films.

So, please order your lists from 1 to 10 or from 1 to 20. If you don’t clearly order your list, I’ll only give each film a single point. If one of those films is your favorite film, well, that’ll suck.

In case any films receive the same number of points, there are two tie-breakers: 1) The number of first-place votes, i.e., it was placed #1 on someone’s list; and 2) The total number of votes, i.e., how many people actually voted for the film. Really, this is important. It’s how KUNG FU HUSTLE beat MY WIFE is 18.

I went more into detail on this point system in previous editions, so I’m not going to overdo the explanation here. It’s worked for us many times before.

3. Movies that qualify: I HAVE A LIST AND IT’S AT THE END OF THIS POST.

Previously I had to create funky rules to decide which films would qualify – rules that became increasingly more nonsensical as Hong Kong and China film became more and more intertwined – but now I have a full list of all the movies released in the past decade that qualified for the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards. That means it’s pretty much official: We’re going with these movies.

If you still must quibble, go right ahead, but chances are I won’t bend this rule because I’m using something that was once used to reward Stephy Tang with a Best Actress award. And if it gave Stephy a win, it can’t be wrong.

“Finally, something to decorate my bathroom!”

Necessary disclosure: I am a member of the Hong Kong Film Critics Society. But did I vote for Stephy? That would be telling.

4. You can only vote for individual films and not full series of films, e.g., no voting for THE WHITE STORM movies or THE FOUR trilogy as a single film – though if you actually do vote for THE FOUR trilogy, you have bigger problems than not following our rules.

Anyway, when in doubt, default to the LIST.

5. Please type in the subject line of your email: “BEST 2010s FILMS”.
The content above is self-explanatory.

6. It’s optional, but you can write a few sentences or words about your selections. I may end up using your words when the results are published. If I do quote you, I’ll also add a link to your blog, Twitter, Instagram or Tinder profile, if that’s what you want. Because that’s why we do everything nowadays, isn’t it? FOR EXPOSURE.

7. Send in your votes by end of day on March 6th, 2020. I’m not pushing the whole GMT, PST, EST thing so there’s some leeway. As long as I don’t get your vote on March 7th, you’ll be fine. That is, unless I push the deadline, in which case I will accept votes on March 7th or later. Ah, we’ll figure it out.

“You really expect us to follow all those rules? And ICEMAN 3D was rad!”

So that’s it, go on and get voting, plus tell all your Hong Kong movie-loving friends to send us a list, even if they use fake names or email addresses. You have a while to put a list together, so feel free to ask questions or discuss in the comments below, or on the LoveHKFilm Facebook Group (if you’re a member - and if not please join and PLEASE answer the test questions so that we actually allow you in) or on Twitter or wherever.

I may drop reminders about this thing on social media from time to time, especially if turnout looks bad. Worst case scenario: We end up with just a Top 10. Best case scenario? A Top 100 list of Hong Kong films, plus a cure for the Wuhan Coronavirus, an end to the CCP’s bizarre authoritarian attitude towards stuff that goes on in other countries, a solution to the horrid partisan politics afflicting the USA, and an end to all online bullying regardless of whether it’s “punching down” or “punching up”. If we all work together I’m sure we can solve one of those problems.

Actually, we probably can’t, but a Top 50 list of the Best Hong Kong Films of the 2010s is surely within our reach, isn’t it? The Ageless One roots for us:

 He clones himself, I tell you.
“I’m sure you’ll choose worthy films,
For some reason I really like those movies.”

The Official List of Hong Kong films from the 2010s
Please refer to this list when asking which HK/China movies from the last decade qualify for this reader vote. The list was drawn from the official roster of films that qualified for the Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards over the past decade. You might think some films are missing – I personally wonder why THE CROSSING (2019) is not here, but whatever, I don’t make the rules for their list.

Besides, having another CROSSING can make it confusing because of THE CROSSING 1 – you know, that movie from the director of MANHUNT. Also, I have no idea why or how 2017 gave us TOURNAMENT 2 and TOURNAMENT 5, but no TOURNAMENT 3 or 4. I saw neither TOURNAMENT 2 nor TOURNAMENT 5 because I was busy changing diapers.

I’ve included both English and Chinese titles here in case you want to do an online search for, uh, legal research purposes.

Over at Letterboxd, user Tarryn-tino has put together a visual list of nearly all the eligible films. The Letterboxd database doesn’t contain all the titles below, but it’s still the vast majority and a more useful and interesting way to browse the movies.

14 Blades                     錦衣衛
72 Tenants of Prosperity            七十二家租客
Adventure of the King    龍鳳店
All About Love              得閒炒飯
All’s Well End’s Well Too 2010               花田囍事2010
Amphetamine                安非他命
Bad Blood                    滅門
Beauty on Duty             美麗密令
Black Ransom               撕票風雲
Break Up Club               分手說愛你
Breaking the Willow       鳳冠情事
Bruce Lee, My Brother   李小龍
City Under Siege           全城戒備
Confucius                     孔子之決戰春秋
Crossing Hennessy       月滿軒尼詩
Curse of the Deserted   荒村公寓
Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame    狄仁傑之通天帝國
Don Quixote                 魔俠傳之唐吉可德
Dream Home                 維多利亞壹號
Echoes of the Rainbow 歲月神偷
EX                                前度
Fire of Conscience        火龍
Flirting Scholar 2           唐伯虎點秋香2之四大才子
Frozen                          為你鍾情
Future X-Cops               未來警察
Gallants                        打擂台
Girls     囡囡
Hot Summer Days         全城熱戀熱辣辣
Ip Man 2           葉問2
Just Another Pandora’s Box      越光寶盒
Kung Fu Hip Hop 2        精舞門2
La Comedie Humaine     人間喜劇
Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen      精武風雲.陳真
Like a Dream                 如夢
Little Big Soldier            大兵小將
Little Gobie 3D              反斗高比玩轉聖誕城
Love in a Puff               志明與春嬌
Marriage with a Liar        婚前試愛
Merry Go-Round            東風破
My Fair Gentleman        窈窕紳士
Once a Gangster           飛砂風中轉
Perfect Wedding           抱抱俏佳人
Reign of Assassins       劍雨
Revenge: A Love Story  復仇者之死
The Child’s Eye             童眼
The Drunkard                酒徒
The Fantastic Water Babes        出水芙蓉
The Haunting Lover                    借室還魂
The Jade and the Pearl              翡翠明珠
The Legend Is Born - Ip Man      葉問前傳
The Most Dangerous Man          最危險人物
The Stool Pigeon          綫人
Triple Tap                      鎗王之王
Vampire Warriors           殭屍新戰士
Womb Ghosts               惡胎

1911                             辛亥革命
3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy         3D肉蒲團之極樂寶鑑
A Beautiful Life             不再讓你孤單
A Chinese Ghost Story  聊齋之倩女幽魂
A Simple Life                桃姐
All’s Well End’s Well 2011          最強囍事
Beach Spike                 熱浪球愛戰
Big Blue Lake                大藍湖
Choy Lee Fut                蔡李佛
Datong: The Great Society         大同:康有為在瑞典
Demon 2                       毒禍2
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart      單身男女
East Meets West 2011   東成西就 2011
Hi Fidelity                     出軌的女人
Hong Kong Ghost Stories          猛鬼愛情故事
I Love Hong Kong         我愛HK開心萬歲
Lan Kwai Fong              喜愛夜蒲
Legendary Amazons      楊門女將之軍令如山
Let the Bullets Fly          讓子彈飛
Let’s Go!                       保衛戰隊之出動喇!朋友!
Life Without Principle     奪命金
Love in Space               全球熱戀
Love is the Only Answer 人約離婚後
Lover’s Discourse         戀人絮語
Magic to Win                 開心魔法
Men Suddenly in Love   猛男滾死隊
Micro Sex Office           潮性辦公室
Mr. & Mrs. Single          隱婚男女
Mr.& Mrs. Incredible      神奇俠侶
Mural                            畫壁
My Ex-wife’s Wedding   翻叮我老婆
One Nation, Two Cities  一國雙城
Overheard 2                  竊聽風雲2
Punished                      報應
Roomless                     不設房
Shaolin                         新少林寺
Sleepwalker in 3D          夢遊
Strawberry Cliff             贖命
Summer Love Love       戀夏戀夏戀戀下
The 33D Invader            蜜桃成熟時33D
The Days of Noah 2: Apocalypse           挪亞方舟驚世啟示2
The Detective 2             B+偵探
The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate        龍門飛甲
The Fortune Buddies     勁抽福祿壽
The Killer Who Never Kills          殺手歐陽盆栽
The Lost Bladesman      關雲長
The Road Less Traveled 一路有你
The Way We Were         算吧啦,老豆!
The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake          競雄女俠秋瑾
Treasure Hunt                無價之寶
Treasure Inn                  財神客棧
Turning Point 2 - Laughing Gor               之潛罪犯
Virtual Recall                 異空危情
What Women Want        我知女人心
White Vengeance          鴻門宴
Wu Xia                          武俠

All’s Well End’s Well 2012          八星抱喜
Chinese Zodiac (CZ12)              十二生肖
Cold War                      寒戰
Coweb                          戰‧無雙
Cross                           第6誡
Diva                             華麗之後
Due West 3D                一路向西
Fairy Tale Killer              追凶
Floating City                 浮城
I Love Hong Kong 2012             2012我愛HK 喜上加囍
Lacuna                          斷了片
Lan Kwai Fong II            喜愛夜蒲2
Lives In Flames             起勢搖滾
Love Actually… Sucks   愛很爛
Love in the Buff             春嬌與志明
Love in Time                 等‧我愛你
Love is Pyjamas            男人如衣服
Love Lifting                   高舉‧愛
Love Me Not                 不能愛
Marrying Mr. Perfect      嫁個100分男人
McDull: The Pork of Music         麥兜‧噹噹伴我心
Motorway                      車手
Mr. & Mrs. Gambler       爛賭夫鬥爛賭妻
My Sassy Hubby           我老婆唔夠秤2之我老公唔生性
My Way                        乾旦路
Naked Human Nature     赤裸人性
Naked Soldier               絕色武器
Natural Born Lovers       天生愛情狂
Night Fall                      大追捕
Passion Island              熱愛島
Romancing In Thin Air    高海拔之戀II
Shadows of Love          影子愛人
Speed Angels               極速天使
Supercapitalist              商戰
Tai Chi 0                       太極1從零開始
Tai Chi Hero                  太極2英雄崛起
The Allure of Tears        傾城之淚
The Bounty                   懸紅
The Bullet Vanishes       消失的子彈
The Cases                     魕
The Four                       四大名捕
The Great Magician        大魔術師
The Guillotines              血滴子
The Last Tycoon            大上海
The Lion Roars 2           河東獅吼2
The Second Woman      情謎
The Silent War               聽風者
The Viral Factor             逆戰
Triad                             紮職
Vulgaria                        低俗喜劇
Wu Dang                      大武當之天地密碼

3D Baby Blues              詭嬰
4 in Life                         四季人生
A Complicated Story     一個複雜故事
A Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons             西遊‧降魔篇
A Secret Between Us     第一次不是你
American Dreams in China         中國合伙人
As the Light Goes Out   救火英雄
Badges of Fury             不二神探
Bends                           過界
Blind Detective              盲探
Christmas Rose             聖誕玫瑰
Conspirators                 同謀
Doomsday Party           末日派對
Drug War                      毒戰
Finding Mr. Right           北京遇上西雅圖
Firestorm                      風暴
Hardcore Comedy         重口味
Hotel Deluxe                 百星酒店
I Love Hong Kong 2013 2013     我愛HK恭囍發財
I Love You, Mom           媽媽,我愛您
Inferno 3D                     逃出生天
Ip Man: The Final Fight              葉問—終極一戰
Kick Ass Girls               爆3俏嬌娃
Lan Kwai Fong 3           喜愛夜蒲3
May We Chat                微交少女
Mr. & Mrs. Player          爛滾夫鬥爛滾妻
Princess and Seven Kung-fu Masters     笑功震武林
Probation Order             澀青 298-03
Rigor Mortis                  殭屍
Saving General Yang     忠烈楊家將
SDU: Sex Duties Unit    飛虎出征
Special ID                     特殊身份
Tales from the Dark 1    李碧華鬼魅系列之迷離夜
Tales from the Dark 2    李碧華鬼魅系列奇幻夜
The Best Plan Is No Plan           溝女不離三兄弟
The Constable               衝鋒戰警
The Four 2                    四大名捕 2
The Grandmaster           一代宗師
The Incredible Truth       瘟泉
The Midas Touch           超級經理人
The Stolen Years           被偷走的那五年
The Way We Dance       狂舞派
The White Storm            掃毒
Together                       在一起
Unbeatable                   激戰
When C goes to G7       當C遇上G7
Young and Dangerous: Reloaded          古惑仔:江湖新秩序
Young Detective Dee: Rise fo the Sea Dragon   狄仁傑之神都龍王

Aberdeen                      香港仔
Black Comedy              黑色喜劇
Boundless                    無涯:杜琪峯的電影世界
Break Up 100                分手100次
Control                         控制
Dearest                         親愛的
Delete My Love             Delete愛人
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart 2    單身男女2
Dot 2 Dot                     點對點
Enthralled                     愛.尋.迷
Flirting In The Air           唐伯虎衝上雲霄
From Vegas to Macau   賭城風雲
Gangster Payday          大茶飯
Girls                             閨密
Golden Brother              男人唔可以窮
Golden Chickensss       金雞SSS
Grey Met Shrek             奇緣灰姑娘
Hello Babies                 六福喜事
Horseplay                     盜馬記
Hungry Ghost Ritual      盂蘭神功
I Sell Love                     販賣。愛
Iceman  3D                    冰封俠:重生之門
Insanity                         暴瘋語
Kung Fu Angels             青春鬥
Kung Fu Jungle             一個人的武林
Lock Me Up Tie Him Down         完美假妻168
McDull: Me & My Mum  麥兜.我和我媽媽
Mortician                       臨終囧事
My Voice My Life          爭氣
N+N                              N+N
Naïve                            不是白痴
Naked Ambition 2          3D豪情
Once Upon A Time in Shanghai              惡戰
Overheard 3                  竊聽風雲3
Revelation of Ghost Marriage     冥婚啟示
Rise of the Legend        黃飛鴻之英雄有夢
S for Sex, S for Secret  小姐誘心
Sand Pebbles               大浪淘沙
Sara                             雛妓
Sifu VS Vampire           天師鬥殭屍
Temporary Family          失戀急讓
The Crossing 1              太平輪:亂世浮生
The Demon Within         魔警
The Four 3                    四大名捕大結局
The Golden Era             黃金時代
The Midnight After         那夜凌晨,我坐上了旺角開往大埔的紅VAN
The Monkey King          西遊記之大鬧天宮
The Second Coming      重生
The Seventh Lie 第7謊言
The Truth About Beauty             整容日記
The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom          白髮魔女傳之明月天國
The Wrath Of Vajra        金剛王︰死亡救贖
Twilight Online               恐怖在線
Voyage                         遊
Women Who Flirt           撒嬌女人最好命
Z Storm                                    Z風暴
Zombie Fight Club         屍城

12 Golden Ducks          12金鴨
A Tale of Three Cities    三城記
All You Need Is Love     落跑吧愛情
An Inspector Calls         浮華宴
Angel Whispers             花街柳巷
Anniversary                   紀念日
Are You Here                碟仙碟仙
Big Fortune Hotel          吉祥酒店
Bride Wars                    新娘大作戰
Crazy New Year’s Eve    一路驚喜
Daughter                       上身
Dragon Blade                天將雄師
From Vegas to Macau II             賭城風雲II
Full Strike                     全力扣殺
Get Outta Here              死開啲啦
Guia in Love                  燈塔下的戀人
Guilty                            四非
Heaven in the Dark        暗色天堂
Helios                           赤道
I am Somebody             我是路人甲
Imprisoned: Survival Guide for Rich and Prodigal           壹獄壹世界:高登闊少踎監日記
Ip Man 3                       葉問3
Keeper of Darkness      陀地驅魔人
Knock Knock Who’s There?       有客到\
Lazy Hazy Crazy            同班同學
Little Big Master                        五個小孩的校長
Lost and Love               失孤
Lost in Wrestling           搏擊奇緣
Love Detective              沒女神探
Lucky Star 2015 吉星高照2015
Missed Out                   錯過
Monster Hunt                捉妖記
Murmur of the Hearts     念念
New York, New York      紐約紐約
Office                           華麗上班族
One Night in Taipei        台北夜蒲團團轉
Paris Holiday                巴黎假期
Port of Call                   踏血尋梅
Return of the Cuckoo    十月初五的月光
She Remembers, He Forgets     哪一天我們會飛
SPL 2:  A Time for Consequences          殺破狼II
Super Model                 色模
Ten Years                     十年
The Crossing 2              太平輪:驚濤摯愛
The Gigolo                    鴨王
The Last Crayon            最後一枝蠟筆
The Merger                    我們停戰吧
The Murderer Vanishes              消失的兇手
The Taking of Tiger Mountain     智取威虎山
The Unbearable Lightness of Inspector Fan        暴走神探
To the Fore                   破風
Triumph in the Skies      衝上雲霄
Two Thumbs Up            衝鋒車
Undercover Duet           猛龍特囧
When Geek Meets Serial Killer                野狼與瑪莉
Wild City                       迷城
Wonder Mama               媽咪俠
Wong Ka Yan                王家欣
Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal         鍾馗伏魔:雪妖魔靈

A Chinese Odyssey Part Three   大話西遊III
Book of Love                北京遇上西雅圖之不二情書
Buddy Cops                 刑警兄弟
Bully                             施壓者
Call of Heroes               危城
Cold War II                    寒戰II
Drink Drank Drunk         3條友飲醉走
Final Project                  玩謝大師
Fooling Around Jiang Hu           江湖悲劇
From Vegas to Macau III            賭城風雲III
Girl of the Big House     寶貝當家
Good Take!                   Good Take!
Good Take, Too!           打開我天空
Happiness                    幸運是我
Heartfall Arises              驚心破
House Of Wolves          惡人谷
I Love That Crazy Little Thing      那件瘋狂的小事叫愛情
iGirl                              i Girl 夢情人
In The Room                 無限春光27
Kidnap Ding Ding Don  綁架丁丁當
Kill Time                        謀殺似水年華
L for Love L for Lies Too           失戀日
League of Gods                        封神傳奇
Les Aventures D’Anthony           陪安東尼度過漫長歲月
Line Walker                   使徒行者
Love in Late Autumn      愛在深秋
Mad World                    一念無明
McDull: Rise of The Rice Cooker            麥兜‧飯寶奇兵
Mission Milano              偷天特務
My Wife Is a Superstar              我老婆係明星
Nessun Dorma              兇手還未睡
Nowhere to Hide!           男極探射燈
Operation Mekong         湄公河行動
PG Love                       PG戀愛指引
Phantom of the Theatre             魔宮魅影
Robbery                       老笠
S Storm                        S風暴
See You Tomorrow        擺渡人
Shed Skin Papa                        脫皮爸爸
Show Me Your Love      大手牽小手
Sky on Fire                   沖天火
Snuggle                        伴生
Soul Mate                     七月與安生
Special Female Force    辣警霸王花
Sword Master                三少爺的劍
The Bodyguard             特工爺爺
The Cases II                  魕異
The Gigolo 2                 鴨王2
The Kid From The Big Apple      我來自紐約
The Last Race               終極勝利
The Menu                      導火新聞線
The Mermaid                 美人魚
The Mobfathers             選老頂
The Monkey King 2        西遊記之孫悟空三打白骨精
The Moment                  此情此刻
The Posterist                 海報師:阮大勇的插畫藝術
The Secret                    消失的愛人
The Taste of Youth        少年滋味
Three                            三人行
Tournament                   極鬪
Trivisa                           樹大招風
Utopians                       同流合烏
Weeds on Fire               點五步
Yellowing                      亂世備忘

29+1                             29+1
77 Heartbreaks              原諒他77次
A Nail Clipper Romance             指甲刀人魔
Adieu                            告別之前
All My Goddess                        女人永遠是對的
Always Be With You      常在你左右
Bio Raiders                   生化藥屍
Bleeding Steel               機器之血
Chasing the Dragon       追龍
Cherry Returns              那年夏天你去了哪裏
Colour of the Game       黑白迷宮
Cook up a Storm           決戰食神
Dealer Healer                毒。誡
Extraordinary Mission    非凡任務
Ghost Net                     鬼網
God of War                   蕩寇風雲
Goldbuster                    妖鈴鈴
Hong Kong Master        香港大師
Husband Killers             女士復仇
In Your Dreams             以青春的名義
Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back    西遊伏妖篇
Kung Fu Yoga               功夫瑜伽
L.A. LOL                       我老婆未結婚
Legend of the Naga Pearls        鮫珠傳
Lost in the Fumes          地厚天高
Love Contractually         合約男女
Love Education             相愛相親
Love Off the Cuff          春嬌救志明
Lucky Fat Man              我要發達
Manhunt                        追捕
Members Only               私人會所
Meow                           喵星人
Mrs K                           Mrs K
Never Too Late              愛情奴隸獸
Our Days in 6E              我們的6E班
Our Shining Days          閃光少女
Our Time Will Come       明月幾時有
Paradox                        殺破狼.貪狼
Shining Moment            燦爛這一刻
Shock Wave                 拆彈專家
Sisterhood                    骨妹
Somewhere Beyond the Mist      藍天白雲
The Adventurers            俠盜聯盟
The Brink                      狂獸
The Empty Hands          空手道
The Founding of an Army          建軍大業
The Sinking City: Capsule Odyssey        西謊極落:太爆.太子.太空艙
The Sleep Curse            失眠
The Thousand Faces of Dunjia               奇門遁甲
The Vanished Archives              消失的檔案
The White Girl                白色女孩
The Yuppie Fantasia 3               小男人週記3之吾家有喜
Thirty Years of Adonis   三十儿立
This Is Not What I Expected       喜歡.你
To Love or Not To Love             初戀日記:賤男蜜擾
Tournament 2                極闘2
Tournament 5                極闘5之雙殺
Vampire Cleanup Department     救殭清道夫
War of the Youth           青春戰記
With Prisoners               同囚
Wu Kong                      悟空傳
Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight      今晚打喪屍

A Beautiful Moment       我的情敵女婿
A City Called Macau      媽閣是座城
A Family Tour                自由行
Agent Mr. Chan             棟篤特工
Big Brother                   大師兄
Buyer Beware                吉屋
Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings            狄仁傑之四大天王
Distinction                    非同凡響
Europe Raiders             歐洲攻略
G Affairs                       G殺
Girls VS Gangsters        閨蜜2之單挑越南黑幫
Golden Job                   黃金兄弟
Guilty                            有罪
Havana Divas                古巴花旦
Hotel Soul Good           女皇撞到正
House of the Rising Sons          兄弟班
I Miss You When I See You        看見你便想念你
Iceman: The Time Traveler          冰封俠時空行者
Impossible is Possible              舞可能
I’ve Got the Blues          水底行走的人
Keep Calm and Be a Superstar              臥底巨星
Keyboard Warriors        起底組
Kung Fu League            功夫聯盟
L Storm                         L風暴
Love Only                     宇宙有愛浪漫同遊
Love Revolution                        愛.革命
Lucid Dreams                八步半喜怒哀樂
Lucky Year Of Pig         豬年運程
Master Z : The Ip Man Legacy    葉問外傳:張天志
Men On The Dragon      逆流大叔
Monster Hunt 2             捉妖記2
Mysterious Fighter Project A      吃貨神探之獵獸行動
Napping Kid                  逆向誘拐
No. 1 Chung Ying Street            中英街1號
Operation Red Sea        紅海行動
Paws-Men                     毛俠
Project Gutenberg         無雙
Rhapsody of Kidnapping           3個綁匪7條心
Still Human                   淪落人
The Big Call                  猜猜我是誰
The Fatal Raid               不義之戰
The Lady Improper        非分熟女
The Leakers                  洩密者們
The Lingering                古宅
The Liquidator               心理罪之城市之光
The Monkey King 3        西遊記女兒國
The Supernormal 3        大迷信之3潮爆開運王
The Trough                    低壓槽
Three Husbands            三夫
Tournament 4                極闘4之暴殺令
Tracey                          翠絲
War Of The Youth 2: Load Reload          青春戰記2:來得及再愛你
When Sun Meets Moon              某日某月
Wine War                      搶紅

A Home with a View       家和萬事驚
A Journey of Happiness            玩轉全家福
A Lifetime Treasure        如珠如寶
A Witness Out of the Blue          犯罪現場
Bamboo Theatre            戲棚
Better Days                   少年的你
Beyond The Dream        幻愛
Binding Souls               綁靈
Bodies at Rest              沉默的證人
Chasing the Dragon II: Wild Wild Bunch              追龍II:賊王
Dearest Anita                朝花夕拾‧芳華絕代
Deception of the Novelist          作家的謊言:筆忠誘罪
Double World                征途
Fagara                          花椒之味
Fatal Visit                     聖荷西謀殺案
Guilt by Design             催眠·裁決
I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!           你咪理,我愛你!
I’m Living It                   麥路人
Integrity                         廉政風雲煙幕
Ip Man 4: The Finale      葉問4
Kung Fu Monster           武林怪獸
Line Walker 2                使徒行者:諜影行動
Lion Rock                     獅子山上
Little Q                          小Q
Missbehavior                恭喜八婆
Missing                         失蹤
My Prince Edward         金都
P Storm                        P風暴
Suk Suk                        《叔.叔》
The Abortionist              墮胎師
The Captain                   中國機長
The Climbers                 攀登者
The Fallen                     墮落花
The Great Detective Sherlock Holmes - The Greatest Jail-Breaker
The Invincible Dragon    九龍不敗
The New King Of Comedy          新喜劇之王
The Rookies                  素人特工
The Secret Diary of A Mom To Be          BABY復仇記
The White Storm 2: Drug Lords              掃毒2天地對決
Till We Meet Again         生前約死後
Undercover Punch and Gun       潛行者
Walk With Me                雙魂
We Are Legend             入鐵籠

16 Responses to “Voting now open for the Best Hong Kong Films of the 2010s. Yep, we’re doing this again.”

  1. Jean-Baptiste Larramendy Says:

    Sorry about my top 10, I know we are supposed to vote for the BEST of 2010 and not our FAVORITE movies of 2010… but hey, can you really vote for LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE and feel happy about it? To has made great movies but I ended up enjoying his “small” efforts the most (Office, Blind Detective).
    In this time of dread and depression, no To and no Ann Hui, I let other people vote for their movies.

    1. Port of Call - for me, the masterpiece of the last decade. Its realistic noirish atmosphere still lingers in me.
    2. The Grandmaster - In the 90’s, I thought Hark was the man. In the 2000’s, I thought To was the man. Sorry, Wong Kar Wai has made it through 4 decades and his movies are still great pieces of art and entertainment. Chapeau bas!
    3. The Sinking City - I may overrate this one but wow, what a fun trip into today’s issues in HK society! Accurate, pleasantly crazy and still optimistic, I love it.
    4. Love in a Puff - well, it was Pang’s decade, no?
    5. The Way We Dance - hey, where’s the new wonder kid’s third movie? Great discovery, superb young actress, a low-key classic.
    6. 29+1 - had heard about the one-woman show but couldn’t watch it (sorry, limited cantonese). Loved every inch of it.
    7. Soul Mate - what a bunch of performances! Haven’t seen Better Days, so I cannot include it here. The Tsang boy is gifted for sure.
    8. The White Storm - just the best hk-style bromance of the 2010’s
    9. Aberdeen - Not Pang’s best received movie, but I don’t know, it struck a chord with me.
    10. Finding Mr Right - sorry, I had to add Tang Wei somewhere.

  2. Mark Shaver Says:

    1. Love in a Puff
    2. Gallants
    3. Paradox
    4. The White Storm
    5. The Grandmaster
    6. Drug War
    7. Aberdeen
    8. Life Without Principle
    9. The Stool Pigeon
    10. Special ID

  3. Webmaster Kozo Says:

    Thanks for your votes. However, anyone else who sees this, PLEASE submit your votes using the LoveHKFilm Contact Form:

    This way your votes remain private. Thanks!

  4. Veronica Says:

    So happy that it’s happening! I will go through all the movies that I have seen and will submit my vote soon! Can’t wait to see what comes up as the top! Fun fun fun.
    Thanks Kozo!

  5. bot Says:

    ‘As for publishing the results, well, I have absolutely no timeline for that.’
    N-next year? O_o

  6. Simon Booth Says:

    I will submit my vote via the form before the deadline, but I want to post my top 10 _so far_ here because it was the posts above that persuaded me to finally get around to watching Aberdeen, which has noticeably affected my list. Maybe I can give others some inspiration for a last minute watch or two :-)

    1. Aberdeen (Wow… quietly, gently, beautifully devastating)
    2. Let the Bullets Fly (Clever, slick and just plain fun)
    3. Rigor Mortis (A stylish love letter to Hong Kong cinema’s golden age)
    4. Reign of Assassins (Some top drawer wuxia of the sort we don’t get very often these days)
    5. Three (Flawed but fascinating and unique demonstration of To’s mastery of his craft)
    6. Wu Xia / Dragon (Smart and mature thriller that doesn’t really fit either of its names)
    7. Tai Chi 0 (Much maligned but I thought it did what it set out to do extremely well)
    8. Tai Chi Hero (Basically just the rest of Tai Chi 0)
    9. Vulgaria (Another love letter to Hong Kong cinema that’s smarter than it wants to admit)
    10. White Vengeance (Suitably epic and mostly well crafted, if flawed)

    I haven’t really watched much of anything in recent years, Hong Kong or otherwise, so the bottom half of the list might not hold up to much scrutiny. I’ll try to watch at least a few more eligible films this week, so my final list might have some new entries.

  7. Webmaster Kozo Says:

    @bot, I am 99% sure I’ll get the results posted up this year. 60% sure they’ll be done end of summer, 35% sure by end of May and 11.388% sure by the end of March.

    Hope that helps.

  8. Tory Says:

    YUSS! Awesome to see an update, even if it’s just for now. I miss you guys, Kozo and Co.

  9. Phil Says:

    2010s really was the decade of Louis Koo wasn’t it? With the way the HK film industry is right now, the 2020s might be his to own too unless something drastically changes, whether it be political situation or new blood in the acting and directorial department. Anyways long time reader, first time poster so good to see you back, even if temporarily. Hope you and your family stay safe in HK at this time.

  10. Tarryntino Says:

    Just submitted my votes! Gutted I only got the chance to watch 1 extra film - even though I like the films I submitted I reckon I could have done a list of 20 had my numbers been higher.

  11. Samuel Says:

    Kozo, I’m just wondering about the 2018 film ‘Concerto of the Bully’ starring Ronald Cheng. It was one of my favourites but is not in the above list of films. Any idea why?

  12. Bunta Sugawara Says:

    Could only think of five films I’ve seen and vaguely liked (apart from the top two, which are properly excellent):-

    1 Drug War
    2 Life Without Principle
    3 The Stool Pigeon
    4 Wu Xia
    5 Fire of Conscience

  13. Webmaster Kozo Says:

    @Samuel, maybe I got un-updated lists. A few other films were left off that I added manually. THE CROSSING was not one of them, because I know that didn’t qualify, but CONCERTO OF THE BULLY should have. My apologies.

  14. Samuel Says:

    There’s no need to apologise at all. Thanks so much for running this poll. I am really looking forward to reading the final list!

  15. Steven Gane Says:

    Darn - missed the vote, sorry! Great to see you back here, though, and glad to hear you’re well.

  16. David Cochrane Says:

    Looking forward to this one; Johnnie To will probably get some top spots, and maybe Wong Kar-wai’s The Grandmaster will come in high too, but so many of the filmmakers who could always be expected to secure an entry or two in the top ten are either not around anymore or are past their best. For the previous polls it wasn’t too hard to guess which movies would do well, but here I really don’t have much of an inkling.

    One additional item: since the best-of-all-time survey turned up mostly post-1980 films, maybe doing one for the 1970s &/or 1960s could produce some interesting results (and get more visitors interested in that era to boot). Certainly no shortage of very entertaining movies from that time, although given the site’s level of activity lately such a poll will probably not come for a while (if ever).

    Cheers, with much anticipation . . .

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