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Kozo in Hong Kong - Page 2 - The Wax Museum Visit
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"Damn you, Andy Lau!"
The Webmaster admonishes Andy Lau for making The Wesley's Mysterious File, this year's frontrunner for crappiest Hong Kong movie of the year. It may not be as bad as U-Man, but Wesley is a big budget mega-spectacular that simply blows. The lesson here is: when you aim higher, the fall is greater. And don't work with Wong Jing.
Andy Lau in wax
Yes, it's a tourist trap, but the Webmaster did visit Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in Hong Kong, which is located at the Peak. A cool seventy-five HK dollars (about $10 US) will get you access to hobnob with wax facsimiles of Andy Lau, Muhammad Ali, Pierce Brosnan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elle MacPherson, Gandhi, Hong Kong millionaire Lee Ka-Sing, Saddam Hussein and even Adolf Hitler. And other people. There is a Jackie Chan wax figure, but a photo costs extra cash - and digital photos aren't allowed. Jackie. 
Michelle Yeoh in wax
The Webmaster was followed into the museum by a massive group of tourists that came possibly from the New Territories. This picture of Michelle Yeoh's wax visage was difficult to come by because EVERYONE and their mother wanted to snap a picture with Miss Yeoh's statue. Amazingly, it was more popular than Andy Lau's, which was crowded by mostly elderly women. Perhaps everyone else has seen Wesley's Mysterious File, too.   
"My god, you're beautiful!"
A random passerby is blinded by Michelle Yeoh's beauty. Just out of frame are the hordes of New Territories tourists. Picture about twenty-odd Chinese people above the age of fifty, each wearing identical sun visors and fanny packs and you'll practically be there. And it didn't even cost you seventy-five Hong Kong dollars!
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