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Kozo in Hong Kong - Page 7 - Time to Go Home
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Now he's lost it...
The following connection to the film Needing You is our most ridiculous reach - and proof that Hong Kong's humidity short-circuited my mind. See how boredom and creative license can turn a photo screw-up into a nifty photo opportunity. I expect many people to write in asking me to stop wasting their time. Please be kind.
Fat Angelo's in Central - Actual Photo
I snapped this picture because the restaurant looked familiar. That's it. Little did I know that it played an absolutely miniscule and completely peripheral role in the Johnnie To film Needing You, starring Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng. Wah Siu (Lau) and Kinki (Cheng) go to Fat Angelo's on a blind date, but unfortunately that was a different Fat Angelo's. The Fat Angelo's pictured to the left happens to be next door to the Chinese restaurant where Wah Siu enjoys a fine lunch of beef noodle with bull penis. This lesser Fat Angelo's does appear in the film, though. Read on and learn...
Kinki leaves
Upset over Wah-Siu's ingesting of bull manhood, Kinki leaves in a huff, managing to pass by the green storefront of Fat Angelo's and the distinctive yellow street lamp/globe thing that's clearly visible in the Actual Photo. She also passes the red awning which - trust me on this one - has the number 49 emblazoned on it in that wacky Fat Angelo's font. I'm being genuine here. Really.
Kinki returns
Sadly, Kinki dropped her "love amulet" back at the bull penis store, so she returns quickly (the woman with the red hair, gray sweater, and dark skirt pictured right next to the yellow street lamp/globe thing is Kinki). Once again notice the distinctive street lamp, red awning, nearly visible number "49", and now the distinctive windows of Fat Angelo's, clearly seen in the above Actual Photo.  
The Webmaster resolves to quit crack
Kinki continues to head past Fat Angelo's and back to the bull penis store, but the Webmaster has clearly gone insane so he resolves to quit smoking crack. You may ask: why didn't I just take a picture of the actual restaurant that Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng were in? Why the one next to it? Well...uh...I screwed up. And more importantly, does anyone out there actually care? Because I've come to question the sanity of this endeavor, I shall now end Kozo in Hong Kong. Besides, I've run out of pictures.
The Kozo in Hong Kong Challenge
     I humbly implore everyone out there: visit Hong Kong if you get the chance. The food is fantastic, the sights great, and the DVD shopping is wicked cheap. Having visited Hong Kong three times now, I can honestly say that I have yet to tire of the place. If you're headed that way and would like some amateur tips, you're welcome to contact me here. 
     Better yet, I will now issue the Kozo in Hong Kong Challenge. Find some really esoteric Hong Kong movie location, snap a digital photo of it, and reference the movie and scene. I'll be happy to archive it on a special page here at as proof that there are people out there just as weird as me. Oh, and because it'd be interesting, too. 
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