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Kozo in Hong Kong - Page 4 - Tourism Rules
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The view from the Peak
Now we settle into the pure tourism portion of the trip. What follows are some true tourist sights of Hong Kong. First up, this lovely view of Central/Wanchai from the Peak, Hong Kong's most popular tourist attraction. Victoria Harbor is visible, as is the Bank of China building, an architectural marvel built in 1990. It's that structure to the left center of the photo with the large "X" marks on it. 
Yet another view from the Peak
Another angle on Hong Kong from the Peak. Neat, huh? At this point on my trip, I stopped to ponder my significance in the Universe. What was I compared to those tall, imposing structures far below me? How did I relate to the people teeming in the streets, each one trying to go about their daily lives? How would I be able to afford lunch at the peak, which included a ridiculous ten US dollars for a mixed drink? Lacking answers, I went DVD shopping instead. 
The Sam Tuk Uk Museum
Located in the New Territories, the Sam Tuk Uk Museum is reached via the Tseun Wan MTR exit. The Sam Tuk Uk Museum is a restored walled village which was probably built in the late 1700s. This particular village housed a Hakka clan called the Chans (not to be confused with the Texas Chans, who own their own ranch). A central hall is surrounded by kitchens and simple living quarters. Farming equipment, furniture, and a historical retrospective are all on display within the village walls.
Stealth Mode
Unfortunately, pictures are not allowed within most of Sam Tuk Uk village since they're afraid that the camera flashes will have a negative affect on the historical artifacts. The exterior is fair game, as are the numerous interior walls which make up the compound. The picture to the right details our attempt at taking a picture of the Ancestral Hall, which is a definite no-no. After making sure the coast was clear, we moved on our target. Sadly, I was discovered and the guards called for backup. A few gunshots took out my remaining health points. Game Over. 
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