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Kozo in Hong Kong - Page 6 - Now we're really reaching....  
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« The Hong Kong Convention Center in Wanchai
Yes, it's the Hong Kong Convention Center, an architecturally impressive site with two hotels (The New World Harbour View and The Grand Hyatt) and lots of exhibition space. It was also home to a massive SFX-induced explosion in the 1999 hit Gen-X Cops. The pictures on the left show the Center as it actually exists. Witness the digital airbrushing below. For those who want tourism tips, the tall triangular building in the back is Central Plaza, which has a Sky Lobby which I didn't visit. 

Yeah!!!!! I guess. The explosion from Gen-X Cops.
The Cafe de Lan Kwai Fong
Below is an ill-advised attempt to make a movie connection. The Cafe de Lan Kwai Fong is featured in the opening shot of Lee Chi-Ngai's 1996 film Lost and Found. Sadly, the Cafe was undergoing renovations at the time and no longer resembles the location from the movie (pictured at right). Still, the location is the same. Honest.

Hey, I found Waldo! Takeshi Kaneshiro in Lost and Found.

That's Takeshi Kaneshiro rooting through the trash in the above scene from Lost and Found. Within the Cafe, Kaneshiro first meets Kelly Chen, kicking off a wonderfully moving film as well as two more cinematic collaborations of varying quality. I've actually been to the location when it looked exactly like the above screen capture. That was over one year ago, after catching a matinee of Johnnie To's Wu Yen. *Sniff* Fond memories.
Hey you, Pikachu!
World-famous media star Pikachu was sighted during our journey. Here he is with his fabulous new alarm clock. A few years ago, Pikachu was responsible for many schoolyard scraps and the bankruptcy of more than a few gullible parents. We would blame it all on him, but he's just so damn cute. 

Pika! Piiika! Pika pika! Piiii-ka-chuuuu...*

The above scene was captured from the DVD Pokemon Vol. 1: Hey you, Pikachu! That cinematic milestone was the first in the long-running and seizure-inducing Pokemon™ television series. More importantly, it was a free DVD given away with the purchase of a Pioneer DVD player. If you've read this far, then I commend you for your patience. I apologize for carrying this joke waaaaay too far.

*Let go of me, you freak! 
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